Saturday, September 14, 2013

32 years old and 39 weeks pregnant!

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday! It is very true that the years pass quicker as you get older and once you have kids.  

I've never subscribed to the "unlucky" theme of Friday the 13th.  I enjoyed my birthday and it was a great day.  Especially because the temperature was finally perfect for this very preggo lady.  65 degrees and sunny.  I spent the entire day outside with this little fella.

We rode tractors at the farm.  Picked apples and pumpkins in the garden, and played in the sandbox.  My dear husband brought me starbucks for breakfast my absolute favorite thing, and my parents delivered Friday fish fry for supper.  We love our fish fries here in WI.

I've also reached 39 weeks pregnant and can't wait to meet my little lady.  It's gotten extremely uncomfortable and my workouts are down to walking with my the jogger.  There is no room left in this inn.  I've signed the eviction notice.  :-)


  1. Happy Birthday! Looks like you are ready for the baby!

  2. :-) thank you it was a pretty darn good day!