Sunday, March 24, 2013

14 weeks pregnant and Week 4 of V5k Training

14 weeks!! and counting!  I have made it through the first trimester which I will tell you folks has been no easy feat.  This pregnancy has been pretty tough.  I was sick the first time with my son, but not like this.  I have spent just about every day feeling miserable and taking anti-nausea meds like their candy.  It's been tough keeping up with running while I have felt so sick so I really needed some sort of pick me up. 

That is why I was so excited when 3 weeks ago I saw the tweet from Another Mother Runner about the Virtual 5K training plan finishing on Mother's Day.  The run/walk cycles are perfect for me right now when I am just happy to be getting out there, but don't have the energy to full on give it.

This is what my 14 weeks looks like :) Got a bump already.  Way quicker than the first time around.  Also I'm rockin this Athleta running skirt and I love it!! 

The first 3 weeks have flown by and it wasn't until this last week when things started to get a little tough.  I will keep plugging along even if it means I have to go slower than slow.  As long as I am still getting out there!!

Week 4 starts tomorrow.  I am using the training plan in one of my favorite books. 

Have any of you used any of these training plans?  I have read this book from front to back and enjoy all the antidotes and personal stories.  I love knowing there is a whole community of mother runners out there. 

Hope everyone sleeps good tonight!!  Day 1 of week 4 of training starts tomorrow!  Also I go back to work tomorrow.

Anyone have any tips for making running while nauseous easier?

Anyone else diving into a training plan?

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  1. Damn my link didn't work. The skirt is the warrior sport skirt by athlete and it is awesome.