Saturday, October 19, 2013

Norah 1 month and workout Update

My little girl is 1 month old.  Time flies!! She is really an alert baby.  She looks at everything and focuses so well.  She has great head/neck strength.  My first little screamed so loud for any tummy time and lil miss lifts her head right up and starts looking around.  She's still getting up a lot at night which I'm trying to remind myself is quality mommy daughter snuggle time, but boy do I miss my sleep.  Coffee anyone?

Sweet kiddos.  Big brother is sweet with her most of the time, but there is definitely some jealously.  When I'm not able to do what he wants he has reached the tantrum stage.  I try to divide my time as much as possible, but its hard.  Two is really busy especially when the older one knows when you can't chase him(nursing) and goes and does naughty things.  Lil stinker.

On the workout front I've been walking as much as possible.  
I've been trying to just take E on these walks rather than both of them so he feels like he's getting mommy time, but I have been pushing the double BOB.  It's a beast but for a double stroller its pretty sweet.
9 more days and ill be cleared for working out.  I miss my sweat sessions so much.  Just the stress relief alone or how about the alone time.  I'd take that to! Can't wait to start blogging about running and working out again.  It is what this blog is for, but until I can ill enjoy my littles.

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