Friday, November 8, 2013

Back at it!!

Ive actually been cleared to run for almost 2 weeks now, but everytime I get near the computer one of my kids takes my attention away. So I'm taking these 5 minutes where both my babies are asleep to tap out a post on my phone. I apologize for the phone post it is what if is right now.

Norah is almost 8 weeks old now I can't believe it! Time goes fast and slow all at the same time.  Managing two kids is a humbling experience. My oldest is 21 months and is quite jealous of N. He gets very upset when I'm nursing her. I've been trying different things but nothing has been foolproof to distract him. Its a learning experience for sure. Any suggestions??
My first run was wonderful and slow as heck, but I didn't and don't care because it finally happened. I pounded on the deadmill for 2 miles loving every minute of it.
My Halloween run :-) since they've been going pretty darn good I decided to sign up for a race. I'm doing the Stache Dash 5k in a few weeks and I'm super exited. I even got a fellow mommy friend of mine to do it with me.  
My first outside run in my new Guide 7s. Saucony makes great shoes and these updates are no exception. I love them. Flexible but still supportive. Pretty light for a stability shoe.  The colors are excellent as well.  
My life is very full. Full of chasing a toddler and keeping up with my baby's needs. Coffee is my best friend. Sleep is still a precious commodity that I'm not getting much of.  I love COFFEE!!!  I'm so happy to have my running stress reliever back again, and my ability to drink more than a cup of coffee. I love baby snuggles, but I'll be ok when the 3 am baby time comes to an end. 

Sweet baby E in his Halloween costumes.  Mr. Bones :-)


  1. Yay, that you got to run!! Norah is so sweet, I think Izzy would probably be so jealous if I had a baby right now too. I have no ideas other than cuddling him on the side your not using to nurse.

  2. Congrats on getting to run!! Welcome back! I can't imagine trying to keep track of 2 under 2! How do you still have the energy to run?! They are too cute!