Friday, November 22, 2013

Nhershoes Holiday Shred

November 18 I began a 6 week shred through nhershoesfitness. Its clean eating coupled with tabata, HITT, weight, and running workouts. Bobbi even includes recipes. I've wanted to be better with my diet for some time but its hard to do. I've got to many distractions 
To be able to find new recipes, make a grocery list and meal plan. This includes all that and with a little prep work I've been eat the dishes all week. 
Hello pumpkin banana muffins :-) yum

This will hopefully keep me on top of things through the holidays. I really want to lose the last of these pregnancy pounds along with firming up the good ol tummy.

I'm also using her 10k training plan to train for a virtual 10k on Christmas Eve.

Week 1 is well underway and so far I'm not feeling deprived and whoa these workouts are amazing and painful. Hello 200 squats youch!
On the clothing front these athleta capris are amazing! Check them out.

Follow along on my journey! I plan on being better at this whole blogging thing!

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  1. Good luck with the shred! They sound so intense. I am afraid to try them.