Thursday, March 20, 2014

Marine Corp Marathon and this darn shoulder

There are not enough hours in the day to get all the stuff I need to do done! Even one more hour would suffice. Sigh. Despite that I've been keeping to my training plan like a rockstar until it all came to a screeching hault this week.

"I did something stupid about a month ago." That's exactly what I said to my chiropractor as I explained how I injured my shoulder. Do any of you know Menards it's like Home Depot. Anyway I was moving huge rolls of remnant carpets trying to find a deal and a good color. I suddenly felt a tweak in my shoulder. Like most people I ignored it. When it still hurt the next day I iced, stretched and ran. I went on like this for a month until it got so bad this Tuesday I couldn't breath without pain. Dumb.  

So this week I've iced every hour, visited the chiropractor twice, and tried to rest as much as possible. Which has meant no running. It's made me a little depressed. I'm 5 weeks away from my race.  This needs to get better. I'm praying it does. 

On the upside I got this email yesterday 
Horaay!!! My first marathon since 2004. I can't believe it. My hotel and flight are booked. It'll be my first time traveling alone to a place where I don't have family waiting. It's going to be epic. I also get to hang with Adrianne from So excited.

One race at a time though. So for now I'll keep icing and resting and trying not to go loony toons while waiting to run. 

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  1. Can't wait love. It sounds like we're in the same boat about the shoulder. I hurt it about 8wks ago added too much weight to my shoulder routine and then when I thought it was all better I did the TRX Rip stick class and tweaked it again. It only hurts when I do certain stuff but not running. I've left the upper body weights for now, but I feel like the only way it's going to totally heal is if I never move it at all (not happening). Uggh, I feel so old.