Monday, May 5, 2014

WI Half Marathon

I can't believe it! 17 weeks of training.  17 weeks of fitting in long runs and losing sleep and occasionally my sanity. This past Saturday I finally reached my goal of finishing my first Half Marathon post babies! 

The night before I laid out all my gear. I was having difficulty deciding what to wear. The half was down by Lake Michigan so about 10 degrees cooler and windier. 

I ended up wearing Oiselle flyte long sleeve, lululemon groovy run shorts, and procompression marathon socks. I froze beforehand, but was happy with my choice once I began running. 

Miles 1-5 were nice, flat, and I cruised along. Then the hills started. They weren't major, but they were long rolling hills. They didn't quit until mile 10. The pain really started around mile 7.5. My left IT band and hip flexor were screaming. I started repeating "I will not walk" over and over. Every hill I repeated" it's a hill, get over it." It worked but my last two miles were my slowest, negative splits out the window. Oh well. I saw the finish and tried to kick I didn't have much left which let me know I gave it all on the course. I also admit to tearing up as I crossed the finish. 

Official time 2:08:24. A post babies PR. I've run faster in the past, but that was before I popped out two kids, and my body rearranged itself. I'm so proud of myself and my body. 7 months ago I had a baby and now I ran 13.1 miles. Hell yea !! 
Post run with my cheese medal and my Strava/anothermotherrunner Prove It medal. 

Now I've got a few weeks and marathon training for MCM begins! Eek! 

Did any of you run long or race this weekend? 


  1. Congrats!! Awesome job working through the pain and still smiling afterwards! P.S. I'm a big Island Boost fan too!

  2. hey, i'm a new reader :)

    congrats on your first post-baby half!!! i'm actually getting ready to do the same thing :) i had my little guy a year ago, but then i had back surgery a few months later. so now with all that behind me, i'm so excited to be training again!

    great job! and i love your shirt!!!

    1. Oh wow you've had a tough road! Way to get back into it, and thank you!