Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pound the Pavement 10k recap

I've been running randomly with a friend of mine that had given up on running until I infected her with my running enthusiasm. Yesterday was our goal race. She's been training for 3 months and I'm so proud of her for running the farthest she's ever ran!!! 

We were up and in the car by 615 for the hour drive to the race. I'll sacrifice sleep for being able to be in my own bed.  My brother had decided to run with us so we met at his house which was 5 min from the start.

It was a small race and most of the participants were running the 5k.  It was 37 degrees at the start. Is it May??? Brrrr

We were off on time which was great. The course was mainly and out and back on a bike trail which was super nice. My friend Sarah told me to go so I took off with my brother. We held a steady 920/930 pace for the first 4 miles then picked it up. My last two miles were in the 8's! I also had my fastest 5k post babies 26:20!! Which was my last 3.1 miles. So a new record for me and negative splits which I've really been focusing on in my training. I finished 30s off of placing in my age group :-( but my friend and my brother placed in there age groups. Talk about positive reinforcement!!! 
I'm so proud of both of them!! 
Love that I got to run this with a friend and my dear brother. 


  1. what strong race! good job! and i love that lulu top :)

  2. Congrats on the great race!

  3. Sounds like a really solid race! Way to negative split the race :) I'll have to look up this 10k race - I'm always on the lookout for races of this distance.