Friday, July 26, 2013

What a Fit Pregnancy means to Me

I have read a lot of posts on women working out while pregnant, and what each is doing.  I also have read posts on what it means to these women to continue to workout while carrying a little person around inside them.  I am inspired by all of them.  Every one of them gives me motivation to continue on in my quest for the fit pregnancy.

Now I am almost cooked.  32 weeks this coming Monday.  Almost there yet so far away.  My workouts have scaled back the further I get into the third trimester.  I am still plugging away at Best Body Bootcamp, Beginner option.  I am digging it.  Tina Reale knows her shit.  I do the weight/cardio workouts twice a week and try to get some sort of cardio in several other days per week.  So far success.  My running is down to 1-2 days a week and its more walk than run.  Little lady is head down and ready to go and occasionally I literally feel like she might try to fall out.  EEK!  So walking and the elliptical have become my cardio of choice.

For a while I was a little bummed at how little I am running.  Especially because running is such a sanity saver, soothing element in my life.  I am still running, but it isn't the sweat out the emotion, run myself dry kind of running anymore.  It is now the running of a mom preparing to be a mom again, body aware, thoughtful, slow, and it continues to be soothing.  There is nothing like having your little one come with you everywhere.  A kick mid-run to remind you"hey mom I'm still here."  It's pretty amazing and I am trying to embrace it in these final weeks.  I don't have much of a choice so might as well go with it. 

A fit pregnancy is maintaining a workout regime that is thoughtful and works for your body.  It isn't pushing yourself, attempting to lose weight, PR, reach new training goals.  It's about maintaining what you had before you were pregnant, and feeling good about yourself and your ability to grow a little person while still being yourself.  Running and working out is who I am.  As my body changes and becomes something that doesn't seem like my own I workout to remind myself I am still here I am just growing mentally and physically. 

Workouts so far this week

Monday rest
Tuesday 2 mile run/walk
Wednesday 40 min walk
Thursday BBB weight routine with 3 hours of pushing my little one at the County Fair (pics in next post)
Friday 1 hour walk at County Fair

I am counting the walking at County Fair because wow is that ever a workout especially pushing a stroller.  :) I have made it almost 32 weeks in this Fit Pregnancy Journey.  Every day is a new accomplishment.


  1. You are doing awesome! I am totally impressed that you are making solid time for workouts. Congrats!

    1. Thanks!! It's still feeling pretty good so I'm happy. 7 weeks to go!