Tuesday, August 20, 2013

35 weeks Almost There!!

It's funny that some parts of this pregnancy flew by and now that I'm at the end it feels like its dragging! I'm so ready to be done.  Discomfort aside I'm dying to run and I have hit the point where its just not possible anymore.  I promised myself I'd 100% listen to my body and my body says "this doesn't feel good" when I even attempt to run.  It makes me sad, but you can't fight what feels like a watermelon strapped to my stomach and how awful it is when said watermelon bounces on your pelvis and bladder.  

I've switched to walking and the elliptical.  It'll have to be enough to get me through these last few weeks.  

Work had become a bit of a comedy show as trying to bend over to get my patients catheters or reposition them in bed has developed into an acrobatic event.  Being on my feet for 70 hours a week is also taking its toll.  Procompression socks have always been high on my list, but I rely on them constantly now to get me through my long shifts.

I have hit the crazy nesting mode also.  I've been washing baby clothes, organizing supplies, cleaning like a crazy person.  My husband thinks I'm a little nuts :-) what can ya do.

I'm grateful for twitter and others blogs because I'm living my running dreams through all of you!! Thank you!  

Only a few more weeks and I get to start the journey of being a mom of 2 and getting back into fit shape.  

Until then ill keep walking this beautiful road.

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