Saturday, August 10, 2013

Week 8 of best body boot camp and becoming a Kind Runner

Bump pic while I was rocking best body boot camp weights routine.
33 almost 34 weeks and counting! Getting near to the end and I'm ready to get my body back even though it'll be at the cost of no longer sleeping through the night. I've been sticking with the Best Body Bootcamp and this week is the last week! I'm so pumped I made it through the whole thing and by doing that am almost through my fit pregnancy.

It's been a pretty nice week.  I love weather in the 70's and I love getting packages that contain running shoes in the mail.
I've been feeling a strong desire to give back and I've really been trying to figure out the right thing for me to get involved with to start.  I discovered through a blog friend Emma at Check out her blog if you get the chance she's amazing.  Kindrunner is an organization that you can donate your old running shoes to and they give them to those who need them.  I got these babies on there website and when they arrive you get a box and return slip for your old sneakers.  Pretty cool and I feel good about bringing running into someone's life, or making it easier for someone to run.

I've also been experimenting with new recipes.  This panini is chiabatta bread, spinach, Roma tomatoes, mozzarella, and pesto.  It was delicious!!
The flowers I had to include because they make me happy.

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  1. Congrats on another great week! That sandwich looks yummy!