Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Electric Run Milwaukee Review

I've been needing a girls night with my friends.  We haven't had one without kids in a LONG time.  My friends are awesome moms, and I've been trying to get them to branch out into running/fitness.  This past Saturday night the Electric Run came to The Racine County Fair Grounds and I was pumped that my friends were up for the challenge.
Waiting for it to get dark.

Overall it was a good experience.  I really liked the music.  It was upbeat dance music that got everyone pumped up and dancing.  Me and Baby even were rockin a bit.  The light shows throughout were super cool as well.  All along the way were different displays of lights and music.  The waiting area wasn't packed either and there were plenty of bathrooms.  Being pregnant this is especially important to me.  The race drew almost 5000 people and I barely waited for the restroom.  

The things I didn't like.  The wave starts were a great idea but the race didn't start until almost 820 and it was supposed to start at 8.  Then my wave didn't go until almost 845 and we were in the front.  If we were in the back we would have been waiting forever! Races should start on time and have a more organized wave start.  If you came to run don't expect a good time or to be timed period or even to really run.  It was so crowded that many people who were trying to run had to walk.  Also the terrain was uneven and dark so it was a little dangerous if you were tryin to run.  There were no timing mats or chips.  This run is meant to be fun, and more walker friendly.  It's great for those who aren't ready to commit to a timed 5k, but for those who love there splits and PRs this was not the race to do it at.

I had a great time walking and talking with the ladies, the glow sticks and light shows were fun.  I was even more happy to be out there at 36 weeks pregnant doing something fitness oriented and since I'm not able to run anymore it was nice to still be in that atmosphere.  I'd definitely do it again. 


  1. Great job getting out there and doing it. It sounds fun with all the glowing stuff, but not the crowds. Good one to do with friends and just have fun!

  2. Your absolutely right better to be no

  3. Oops :-) non competitive I mean :-)