Friday, August 23, 2013

YMCA!! And an attitude adjustment :-)

My husband and I have been on a hunt for a new gym.  We both have belonged to gyms on and off over the years, but its no longer appropriate to be driving 45 min one way to the gym now that we have kids.  

Enter the YMCA.  This never would have been an option until recently.  They built a brand new Y 10 min from our house! It's beautiful and completely family friendly.  Today I had a tour, worked out on the stationary bike all in a reasonable amount of time so I could get back home and spend the day with my little.  

I chose today to finally check it out because I've been suffering on and off from workout withdrawal.  I've been walking and doing some prenatal yoga, but I miss running so much.  The bouncing of the elliptical has been hurting as well.  So stationary bike it was.  Sometimes you have to adapt.  I admit to tearing up when I saw a women rockin a treadmill workout.  Darn hormones.  Truly though that is how important running is not only physically but to my soul.  I'm glad I was able to ride the bike though.  :-). 3 weeks left of this pregnancy ill take what I can get.  My husband honestly noticed I was cranky this morning and told me to go to the gym for an attitude adjustment.  Lol it worked! It always does.  Thank you endorphins.

And thank you for making killer maternity workout tops, and I had to rock my kinvara4s which made me happy.  

We will be signing up for sure.  The pool alone got me talk about kid friendly and they even have a splash area that my little will love! 

Today = success!!

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