Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Start of week 4 of the Holiday Shred

Yesterday was the start of week 4. It's gotten a little tougher mostly due to my maternity leave ending this last week.  going back to 10 hour shifts this past Friday made things kinda crazy.  

Leaving this wasn't easy either 
I've stuck with eating 80% healthy and the other 20% is actually pretty healthy just not the best choices. I'm ok with it. If I was 100% I'd binge eventually and all my hard work would be for nothing. My usual meal plan is:
Breakfast I'm obsessed with quinoa cooked with almond milk, pomegranate seeds, raisins, strawberries, and a drizzle of agave syrup YUM!!
Lunch: usually a salad with chicken or a quesadilla whole wheat tortillas, mozzarella cheese, avocado, tomatoes and corn 

Dinner: chili or crock pot shredded beef or salsa chicken
Snacks Ezekiel bread with almond butter, fruit, veggies with hummus

Runners world cookbook rocks!!

I started the Runners World Run Streak on thanksgiving day and am loving it. I run longer on mon, wed, and Saturday, the other days I stick with 1 mile and a weight routine. I'm loving the Holidayshred13 workouts. They are super tough but I'm feeling stronger.  I've also lost 5 lbs in the last 3 weeks. Woot woot! Results always make it easier to stick with it. 
This is the longest run to date. I finished at 7:45 min pace! Wahoo!
Tree decorating was a sweet success very fun:-) holidays are way more fun with kids for sure!
My favorite ornaments from my husbands grandma. Beautiful 

Happy Holidays all! Are you streaking?

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Stache Dash Race Recap

It's been almost 5 weeks since I was cleared to run. Life has been chaotic and will not get more so when I go back to work in a week. Why can't maternity leave just last forever?? 😃 it's been a wonderful stress reliever to be able to run again. 

A few weekends ago my dear friend Amanda, another mother of 2 and a new runner, and I decided to run the Stache Dash 5k. It benefited prostrate cancer which was a bonus.  I haven't ran a race since the MotherRunner 5k when I was 20 weeks pregnant. 

The day was the coldest yet this year and the wind chill only made it colder.  I've never been happier about a noon start. At least then it'd be a little warmer. Try 9 degrees instead of 5. Wind gusts were up to 20 miles an hour. Goal one not to get blown off the road. 😉 

It was well organized. Packet pickup was right across the street from the starting line at a bar. Runners were crammed in there listening to a band playing songs from our local radio station who was sponsoring. Southern Comfort sponsored to. I got a blinky southern comfort necklace to run with. Kinda funny that a booze company is sponsoring a race. 
The awesome mustaches we ran with! We renamed them snot catchers! 

The race was through a park so it cut the wind which was nice. There was one water stop that i just blew through. I might have stopped if they had hot chocolate.  Other than the 1 major hill that went on forever it was a pretty flat course.  I felt pretty good throughout, and was pumped when at the end I looked at my garmin to see I had negative splits! 
1. 10:10
2. 10:09
3.  9:30

After the race we decided to warm up with Starbucks! Who can argue with that. They were nice enough to snap our pic with the pretty sweet medals.
Rockin team sparkle skirts!! 

Anyone else enjoy a turkey trot or weekend race? I love races this time of year. Happy running!!