Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday FunDay

My last day of off week before I go back to my 7 days of 10 hour shifts.  I am exhausted just thinking about it.  :)  Gotta make the $$ especially since I can't seem to quit buying new running clothes and shoes.  Even funnier I am buying most of them for the size I will be post pregnancy.  Soooo I can't even wear them for another 12 weeks minimum lol.  I'm a weirdo I know.

Today was supposed to be a rest day from BestBodyBootCamp however, I woke up just wanting to run.  I've been wanting to badly to go for a long run, but I know my body and at this stage of pregnancy, good 'ol 3rd trimester my body isn't prepared for that pounding.  My dear husband, son, and I went for a 3 mile run walk instead.  Mile 1 was quicker than I've ran in a while 11:52 probably because I ran the majority of it.  Mile 2 contained a little more walking, but I still held my pace to a 12 minute mile.  The third mile however, baby was starting to pound on my dear bladder which required some extra walking, and then we ran past a few friends so we had to stop and talk.  I forgot to pause the garmin.  Oh well.  It was a great run.

I've been trying to make healthier dishes lately as well.  I always like to make healthy meals, but for a while now I feel like I've been making the same things.  I found a recipe on Madelines blog for baked oatmeal.  It makes a whole dish that you can warm up piece by piece for breakfast throughout the week.

It's delicious we had a little as a desert after my taco bake and corn on the cob dinner.  Greatest success my toddler loved it!!!  Made my day!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Best Body Bootcamp week 2 Done!

I made it through week 2!  It's been kind of a crazy week with the whole crazy lady situation and its seriously like a switch has been flipped in my pregnancy.  I've reverted back to 1st trimester when I was beyond exhausted. I'm seriously Rip Van Winkle!! I'm so tired all the time and my sweet baby has kept me busy!

Yesterday I took off organized exercise however I did push my son in the stroller at the zoo for 1.5 hours in the heat and I think that counts towards exercise.  Pushing a stroller is an amazing full body workout! 

Today I ran for the first time on my road with my son in the stroller since the incident.  I brought my mom on the bike just in case so I wasn't completely solo.  I'm not ready for that yet. It was a cardio day for best body Bootcamp.  I'm loving BBB and can't wait til post pregnancy when I can kick it into high gear.
I'm slowing down now that I've reached the third trimester.  It's been a gradual thing and I'm trying to be ok with it.  With the emotions from the other day running through me I've been dying to go for a long hard run, one of those that you drip sweat and your tired and sore and feel wrung out.  I miss that most as I slow down and take things easy on my body.

I'm glad I'm still out there! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Safe Running

I live on a great road, my husband proposed on this road in the middle of a run, we also had our first date a 3 mile run on this road.  I love it I always have.

Tuesday my son and I were out for a stroller run/walk.  It was hot and I only planned on 2 miles.  We were about at the turnaround point when a car came speeding by barely moving over.  If I would've stuck my elbow out, or God forbid tripped Id have been done for.  I was pissed so I yelled "Move over!" And flipped the car off.  Well she apparently didn't like that because she stopped in the middle of the road backed up and preceded to threaten myself and my child that if she ever saw us on this road again we'd regret it that we had no right to be on the road.  It went on and on.  My son started crying I was shaking and I told her I grew up here this is my road and I have just as much right to be on it as you do.  She kept screaming you have no right and threatening to run us down if she saw us again. Then peeled out tires screeching.  I know almost all the people on this road so I promptly pulled into a friends driveway and lost my shit.  They came runnin out of the house, and I told them the story.  I had been smart enough to get the license make and model so we called te police and then my dad who promptly came over.  

It was by far the most terrifying thing that has happened to me while out running.  Who in there right mind threatens a pregnant women with her baby in a stroller? Was a right to flip her off?  No but I admit it was a knee jerk reaction to almost being run over.  

The scariest part is she lives a road over and maybe she was just having a bad day but now I'm scared to run on my own road.  

Yesterday I went for a 1.4 mi run to prove I could, and today I ran 2.2 but took a different route.  I had my child with me today and wasn't ready to bite that bullet.  I won't let her beat me, but it was a reality check for sure.  I came home and bought a road ID and will practice much more defensive running from now on.

Dorothy beal of has a few great posts on running safe and if your  interested check them out.  

Have you ever had a scary situation while running?

Do you have any suggestions for safer running? Besides not flipping someone off that I will never do again.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Week 2 of Best Body Bootcamp

Sorry for the phone post, but my toddler is obsessed with the computer and we are watching a John Deere tractor video so hell leave the phone alone not the computer.  Lol kids are goofy :-)

Yesterday was start of week 2 of best body Bootcamp.  I'm loving it.  Part of me the part that loves to push myself wants to do the level 1 rather than the beginner routine, but I know my pregnant body coupled with work won't handle it well.  To keep up with working out throughout this pregnancy I've really learned to listen to my body.  I know what will for sure be to much.  Don't get me wrong Ive pushed it to far a few times and paid for it.  I'm not perfect, but I'm 27 weeks and still working out and running so life is good.  

Yesterday I did the beginner weights with a 2.2 mile run/walk and the treadmill.  It was hard, but not to hard.  I feel great today.

Today is cardio.  It's thunderstorming so ill get it in, but not sure how yet.

Yesterday my sweet baby had his first swim lesson.
He wasn't a huge fan, but he did ok for never being in a pool before.  

Fact I didn't know pregnant women should get 100 oz of h2o! I usually do 80-90oz.  Those Recommendations are for those who don't work out.  Eek! Guess I need to step it up!

Who's running today? Anyone cross training? 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Sweat Pink Ambassador

I was checking my email last night and got one of the awesomest surprises!  I didn't think I'd get it when I applied, but I'm a #sweatpink ambassador!! I'm so honored and excited.  I really want to motivate others and spread how wonderful living a fit life is.  

On that radar Ive been working away at the Best Body Bootcamp week 1.  Ill tell you I was sore! After Mondays weight workout, but it felt great.  Tuesday and today were cardio.  Yesterday I did 40 min on the elliptical which felt great and I needed a day off running.  Today I was back to running and it felt wonderful to be outside even better that my husband and son came with.  I love family runs.  

Not bad time for 3 miles and I felt good the whole way.  June is still the #runreal challenge so today was #runreal with family!  Runreal happy :-)

I then made my way to work for the 3rd of 7 10 hour shifts.  I needed some help so I slipped on the ol leg savers.
Ah procompression you are wonderful.  

Hope you all got great workouts in!! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 1 of Best Body Bootcamp

Today I am 26 weeks pregnant and over the weekend I decided I needed a new challenge and signed up for the Best Body Bootcamp 8 week summer session.  I haven't decided yet at 26 weeks pregnant if this is more crazy or more awesome.  Probably a bit of both.  :)
Today was day 1 and my arms are definitely sore!!  I decided to go with the beginners workouts that are still hard as heck, but I felt since I've been lifting weights but not following any specific program and definitely been intermittent with it that it would be smarter for myself and my baby to stick with the beginner option this time around.  I think once I have this sweet child I will be doing this again to get back into shape and kicking it into high gear.  Right now its about gaining some strength, but mostly to maintain my fitness and feel stronger rather than lose weight or get faster or lift more weights. 

I want to feel good about myself, and I want to carry my fitness journey through the rest of this pregnancy.  I am proud to have made it to 26 weeks.  14 to go!!!

Gotta get in the bump shot!!  Run happy everyone!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Week in Review

I can't believe its been 5 days since I posted.  Every day I have wanted to get on the computer and tell you all the business of my day, but I have been a single mom due to my husbands work schedule and Ive still got this nagging cold that wont let go of my sinuses and lungs so the days have gotten away.  Plenty of workouts and fun things have happened this week :)

Monday I ran 3 miles and felt great even though my lungs weren't cooperating and it was filled with plenty of coughing.  I also pushed the stroller while doing it because my husband has been gone.  Let me tell you the further I get in this pregnancy the harder it is the push that thing and my 30 lb son.

Tuesday was elliptical and weights day.  I need a slightly less strenuous workout while still getting some quality sweat time in.  I am not the hugest fan of the elliptical, but its another form of cardio and with a good book the time passes quickly.  I've been reading Kara Goucher's book and love it.  Theres a great section on pregnant running in there that always gives me motivation.

Wednesday was another run day.  I debated taking a day off, but the weather was so nice and I had a Dr's apt that didn't give me the best news so I needed the emotional outlet.  On the upside my glucose test was perfect, no gestational diabetes for me.  The downside I'm slightly anemic and need to take iron supplements, yuck, talk about GI upset.  I also have an umbilical hernia, which is common, but I'll have to have it surgically repaired someday and I really don't want to do that.
Thurday was rest day, however I spent it planting flowers, riding 4-wheelers with my son at the farm, and chasing kittens.  I love farm life. 
Friday was another run day.  I needed a solid run because Ive still been bummed about the news from my Dr. even though I shouldn't let it get me down. 
26 weeks pregnant!!  Post run.
Last night we had the most delicious dinner, chicken, veggie, and beef cabobs and corn on the cob with grapes for desert.  YUM!!  I love all foods that can be cooked on the grill.  They just have a better taste.

Today was supposed to be spent running the Lighthouse Run in Racine.  I have done this race for about 7 years.  They have a 4 mile, 10 mile competitive runs, and a 2-4 mile fun run.  We signed up for the fun run, but it then decided to thunderstorm and be cold out.  Since I am still recovering from this cold, and being pregnant, and we had our 16 month old with us we decided to go out for breakfast instead.  We stopped at this cute place called Roberts Roost in downtown Racine.  The clientele definitely stared at us like crazy people when we walked in with our running gear, but the food was delicious and the service was fantastic.My husband and sweet baby.  Afterwards we went to the local sporting goods store because who can turn that opportunity down and I came home with a new pair of kicks.  I have been wanting to try the brooks pure flows for a long time and they are supposed to be one of the better shoes for my foot type.  So I'm giving it a whirl.
They felt like air when I waddled around the track in the store.  I am excited to try them out.  Now if it stops raining anytime soon I may be heading out for a jog.  I have to make up for missing my race this morning!!
Final piece of news.  I decided after a conversation with Michelle from that Best Body Bootcamp is something I really wanted to try.  I signed up today and it starts on Monday.  8 weeks of workouts which will get me to almost the end of my pregnancy.  I am super pumped to start this workout.  

Monday, June 10, 2013

Mamavation v5k Recap


I signed up for the Mamavation V5k last week when I was feeling healthy and great and just wanted to add a few more 5ks to my summer.  Mamavation is all about motivation, and getting women to be healthy and have a group to share it all with.  I was excited to participate in this.  Even though I knew I'd be running alone I wasn't alone because all these women would be out at the same time running this 5K. 
As it turned out I got a horrible sinus infection, pushing to hard and doing to much finally caught up with me.  I was miserable all week, but by Saturday I felt well enough to run/walk the 5K.  My husband came home from work and said he'd do it with me.  So we went out for a family run.  My favorite kind.  :)  I was really glad I had them with me because I think I would have walked a lot more if it had just been me.  I still was coughing so much and my nose was making it difficult to really breath.  We picked a course that is largely flat so I wouldn't have to do to many hills.  The first mile was the most painful, I felt wheezy and struggled to breath.  The second mile felt a little better, but I focused on going at a very comfortable slow pace so I didn't have to fight to breath.  The third mile had the only hill in it, a long slow gradual incline.  I walked a good chunk of the uphill.  I pulled it together though and finished strong.
My first time trying out the POLAR HRM.  So far I like it and its an alternative for workouts that I can't use my garmin for. 

I am not fast these days at all, and I don't care.  Every run is a success.  Every time I am able to get out the door and run is another day I make it running in this pregnancy. 
Picture post finish, sweaty and happy in my favorite motivational top.  #IRUNTHISBODY from

Friday, June 7, 2013

Run Real Sick

Monday I knew I wasn't feeling quite right , but I thought I could just eat healthy and take it easy and I'd be fine.  Unfortunantly taking it easy doesn't mean working 10 hour shifts every day, chasing my toddler, and getting little sleep.  By Wednesday my little cold had turned into a lay me out flat sinus infection.  I can't call in sick and being pregnant I just sucked it up went to work and suffered.

Today is the first day I woke up feeling ok enough to walk with maybe a little run thrown in.  For my 3rd run in the #runreal challenge I did #runreal SLOW! With a whole lotta walk but I got out there and I think it helped loosen things up so I could kinda breath.

Me and my partner.

We also #ranfree no watch no garmin we just went out to do what we could do.  I'm glad I got outside.  There's something about fresh air especially when your sick.  

When I got in a steamed myself and now it's off to work for day 5 of 7 of my 10 hour shifts.  Crossed fingers my physical activity helps me get through this shift!

I also threw on my activeaccessories bands as Erica Sara Designs bracelet for some extra motivation.  These two companies are all about motivating runners with fun beautiful products.
Get after it.  Be fearless, be strong, believe.  My personal mantra/motivation.

Monday, June 3, 2013

24 weeks and the Run Real Challenge

Here it is June 3rd already?!? How'd that happen.  Today I'm 24 weeks pregnant and I started the week out right by taking on a new challenge, and logging my first run for it.
On one of my favorite blogs: amomrunthistown she is hosting a June challenge called #runreal.  My goal for June is to #runreal thoughtful.  A lot of my goals are of course pregnancy related.  As much as I want to #runreal fast or hard I know that now is not the time for that.  I have to listen to my body to make running last through this pregnancy.  I need it to last because it makes me so happy.  I feel more stable, peaceful, and strong this time around than I did with my first.  I attribute a lot of that to being able to run more often and longer distances this time.  I'm doing this by being smart, THOUGHTFUL, and consistent.  

So do you want to #runreal? Go to her blog and take the challenge.  Why not?