Thursday, March 28, 2013

teething, a 3 mile run, and work

My sweet baby is 14 months and working on his molars youch!! It is a miserable experience for everyone! Of course he has it the worst. This morning, my rest day, sweet baby woke up waaaay early was fussy all morning and the only thing that made him happy was playin in the mud.

I bring up the waking at the ass crack of dawn because my work schedule is kind of insane and requires long hours stayin up way later than I would when not working and I needed this rest day. It didn't work well for me. The joys of being a mom. I work 7 10 hour shifts in a row then I have a week off. It has its pluses and minuses but the further into pregnancy I get the more painful it is. I need extra sleep, I need extra time. I don't get it.

Yesterday I had a great workout OUTSIDE!! I ran 3 miles happily and comfortably, Unfortunantly I had a very busy day at work and didn't really get to sit down at all. Cramping ensued and exhaustion. Today with the early wake up and fussy baby I'm suffering.

I love being a mom and I love my sweet baby. Days like today and yesterday I try to repeat how lucky I am to be a mom, to be able to spend time with him before work. I'm greatful that I'm still running at almost 15 weeks and that I have a great job. Sometimes when life gets a little tough it pays to remind myself of all the good things. It doesn't make the day go quicker, but it makes it a little easier.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Coffee and a Run

I got up yesterday morning wanting to run.  I love mornings like that.  Where your eyes just pop open and your desire to move is strong.  I don't get this feeling often these days with the lack of sleep that comes along with a 14 month old and being pregnant. 

My desire to move is also always coupled with the desire for coffee.  I am a coffee addict even pregnant I have never given it up.  One cup will do, but I could easily drink way more.  :)  Door County Coffee is my current favorite brand.  If you have never tried it please do its amazing. 

So while I enjoyed that morning cup of deliciousness I looked out the windows and saw MORE SNOW!!!!  Come on Wisconsin!!  It's almost April!!  Now I like running in snow usually, but my balance starts to go a little being pregnant and I am too nervous to risk falling so the treadmill it was. 

This week of the V5K Run Like a Mother Training plan calls for 3 x walk 1 minute: run 8 min.  I don't mind the treadmill too much when it includes either fantastic music, or a great show.  I am currently obsessed with Gilmore Girls so I put that in and the time flew by.  3.18 miles later I was done. 
I love this lululemon top I have them in almost all colors.
I think a lot while I run.  Yesterday was definitely one of those days I thought a lot of about how much I appreciate running.  I used to take it for granted, but now being pregnant with my second baby I know how amazing it is.  I had to stop running at about 32 weeks last pregnancy and I missed it soooo much.  My goal is to make it all the way through this time.  If its safe I will.

Off to work for the day!!  Hope you all enjoy your Tuesday!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

14 weeks pregnant and Week 4 of V5k Training

14 weeks!! and counting!  I have made it through the first trimester which I will tell you folks has been no easy feat.  This pregnancy has been pretty tough.  I was sick the first time with my son, but not like this.  I have spent just about every day feeling miserable and taking anti-nausea meds like their candy.  It's been tough keeping up with running while I have felt so sick so I really needed some sort of pick me up. 

That is why I was so excited when 3 weeks ago I saw the tweet from Another Mother Runner about the Virtual 5K training plan finishing on Mother's Day.  The run/walk cycles are perfect for me right now when I am just happy to be getting out there, but don't have the energy to full on give it.

This is what my 14 weeks looks like :) Got a bump already.  Way quicker than the first time around.  Also I'm rockin this Athleta running skirt and I love it!! 

The first 3 weeks have flown by and it wasn't until this last week when things started to get a little tough.  I will keep plugging along even if it means I have to go slower than slow.  As long as I am still getting out there!!

Week 4 starts tomorrow.  I am using the training plan in one of my favorite books. 

Have any of you used any of these training plans?  I have read this book from front to back and enjoy all the antidotes and personal stories.  I love knowing there is a whole community of mother runners out there. 

Hope everyone sleeps good tonight!!  Day 1 of week 4 of training starts tomorrow!  Also I go back to work tomorrow.

Anyone have any tips for making running while nauseous easier?

Anyone else diving into a training plan?

The Beginning

I have thought about giving this blogging thing a try for months now.  It isn't an easy decision with a busy life.  It's one more thing to fit in, but as I've read other blogs and become more involved in that world I see how enjoyable and inspiring it can be.  I am learning as I go.  I am excited to start this journey.

I am inspired by other runners especially those amazing tough mother runners out there who have taught me you can fit it in despite having a job and a family.  My heroes are the every day women who make fitness a priority along with family and work. 

A little about myself.  I have been running since I was 18.  I am now 31 so I am definitely not new to the sport, however I am new to being a mother runner.  I started running as a college freshman.  Those freshman 15 that everyone jokes about as you make your way to college turned into the freshman 30.  I was overweight, unhappy, and unsure how to change this.  I had always been active playing softball, tennis, and basketball in high school.  When all my organized sports went away I had no clue what to do with myself.  In high school I joked if I wasn't running to a base or to the hoop I wasn't going to do it.  I HATED running.  That changed my freshman year.  Faced with being overweight and insecure I decided it was time to change.  Luckily my college boasted many awesome free gyms and I began going 4 times a week.  I started slowly on the indoor track run a lap walk a lap.  Soon I was able to trot around for a whole mile.  I won't lie it was painful, I had side cramps, butt cramps, toe cramps and sometimes I felt like my lungs were going to explode, but the feeling I got after finishing that workout was worth the pain.  About 6 months after starting I signed up for my first race.  Crazyleggs 5 mile race in Madison, WI.  It was amazing, painful, and the turning point.  I never looked back.

 The years have gone by and now I am married to my best friend and I have a 14 month old and another little due in September.  Running is a huge part of my life still.  It has become therapy, me time, a way to be healthier, and a way to meet new friends. 

I recently signed up to do the Virtual 5K using the Train Like a Mother books 5k finish it plan.  Thank you Dimity and Sarah for creating these books and websites.  It will be my focus and a way to keep running through this pregnancy.  My next race in May 12th and I am excited!  I will be blogging my training runs and pregnancy milestones as the months go by. 

So here is to the beginning...the best is yet to come.