Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Start of week 4 of the Holiday Shred

Yesterday was the start of week 4. It's gotten a little tougher mostly due to my maternity leave ending this last week.  going back to 10 hour shifts this past Friday made things kinda crazy.  

Leaving this wasn't easy either 
I've stuck with eating 80% healthy and the other 20% is actually pretty healthy just not the best choices. I'm ok with it. If I was 100% I'd binge eventually and all my hard work would be for nothing. My usual meal plan is:
Breakfast I'm obsessed with quinoa cooked with almond milk, pomegranate seeds, raisins, strawberries, and a drizzle of agave syrup YUM!!
Lunch: usually a salad with chicken or a quesadilla whole wheat tortillas, mozzarella cheese, avocado, tomatoes and corn 

Dinner: chili or crock pot shredded beef or salsa chicken
Snacks Ezekiel bread with almond butter, fruit, veggies with hummus

Runners world cookbook rocks!!

I started the Runners World Run Streak on thanksgiving day and am loving it. I run longer on mon, wed, and Saturday, the other days I stick with 1 mile and a weight routine. I'm loving the Holidayshred13 workouts. They are super tough but I'm feeling stronger.  I've also lost 5 lbs in the last 3 weeks. Woot woot! Results always make it easier to stick with it. 
This is the longest run to date. I finished at 7:45 min pace! Wahoo!
Tree decorating was a sweet success very fun:-) holidays are way more fun with kids for sure!
My favorite ornaments from my husbands grandma. Beautiful 

Happy Holidays all! Are you streaking?

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Stache Dash Race Recap

It's been almost 5 weeks since I was cleared to run. Life has been chaotic and will not get more so when I go back to work in a week. Why can't maternity leave just last forever?? 😃 it's been a wonderful stress reliever to be able to run again. 

A few weekends ago my dear friend Amanda, another mother of 2 and a new runner, and I decided to run the Stache Dash 5k. It benefited prostrate cancer which was a bonus.  I haven't ran a race since the MotherRunner 5k when I was 20 weeks pregnant. 

The day was the coldest yet this year and the wind chill only made it colder.  I've never been happier about a noon start. At least then it'd be a little warmer. Try 9 degrees instead of 5. Wind gusts were up to 20 miles an hour. Goal one not to get blown off the road. 😉 

It was well organized. Packet pickup was right across the street from the starting line at a bar. Runners were crammed in there listening to a band playing songs from our local radio station who was sponsoring. Southern Comfort sponsored to. I got a blinky southern comfort necklace to run with. Kinda funny that a booze company is sponsoring a race. 
The awesome mustaches we ran with! We renamed them snot catchers! 

The race was through a park so it cut the wind which was nice. There was one water stop that i just blew through. I might have stopped if they had hot chocolate.  Other than the 1 major hill that went on forever it was a pretty flat course.  I felt pretty good throughout, and was pumped when at the end I looked at my garmin to see I had negative splits! 
1. 10:10
2. 10:09
3.  9:30

After the race we decided to warm up with Starbucks! Who can argue with that. They were nice enough to snap our pic with the pretty sweet medals.
Rockin team sparkle skirts!! 

Anyone else enjoy a turkey trot or weekend race? I love races this time of year. Happy running!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Nhershoes Holiday Shred

November 18 I began a 6 week shred through nhershoesfitness. Its clean eating coupled with tabata, HITT, weight, and running workouts. Bobbi even includes recipes. I've wanted to be better with my diet for some time but its hard to do. I've got to many distractions 
To be able to find new recipes, make a grocery list and meal plan. This includes all that and with a little prep work I've been eat the dishes all week. 
Hello pumpkin banana muffins :-) yum

This will hopefully keep me on top of things through the holidays. I really want to lose the last of these pregnancy pounds along with firming up the good ol tummy.

I'm also using her 10k training plan to train for a virtual 10k on Christmas Eve.

Week 1 is well underway and so far I'm not feeling deprived and whoa these workouts are amazing and painful. Hello 200 squats youch!
On the clothing front these athleta capris are amazing! Check them out.

Follow along on my journey! I plan on being better at this whole blogging thing!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Back at it!!

Ive actually been cleared to run for almost 2 weeks now, but everytime I get near the computer one of my kids takes my attention away. So I'm taking these 5 minutes where both my babies are asleep to tap out a post on my phone. I apologize for the phone post it is what if is right now.

Norah is almost 8 weeks old now I can't believe it! Time goes fast and slow all at the same time.  Managing two kids is a humbling experience. My oldest is 21 months and is quite jealous of N. He gets very upset when I'm nursing her. I've been trying different things but nothing has been foolproof to distract him. Its a learning experience for sure. Any suggestions??
My first run was wonderful and slow as heck, but I didn't and don't care because it finally happened. I pounded on the deadmill for 2 miles loving every minute of it.
My Halloween run :-) since they've been going pretty darn good I decided to sign up for a race. I'm doing the Stache Dash 5k in a few weeks and I'm super exited. I even got a fellow mommy friend of mine to do it with me.  
My first outside run in my new Guide 7s. Saucony makes great shoes and these updates are no exception. I love them. Flexible but still supportive. Pretty light for a stability shoe.  The colors are excellent as well.  
My life is very full. Full of chasing a toddler and keeping up with my baby's needs. Coffee is my best friend. Sleep is still a precious commodity that I'm not getting much of.  I love COFFEE!!!  I'm so happy to have my running stress reliever back again, and my ability to drink more than a cup of coffee. I love baby snuggles, but I'll be ok when the 3 am baby time comes to an end. 

Sweet baby E in his Halloween costumes.  Mr. Bones :-)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Norah 1 month and workout Update

My little girl is 1 month old.  Time flies!! She is really an alert baby.  She looks at everything and focuses so well.  She has great head/neck strength.  My first little screamed so loud for any tummy time and lil miss lifts her head right up and starts looking around.  She's still getting up a lot at night which I'm trying to remind myself is quality mommy daughter snuggle time, but boy do I miss my sleep.  Coffee anyone?

Sweet kiddos.  Big brother is sweet with her most of the time, but there is definitely some jealously.  When I'm not able to do what he wants he has reached the tantrum stage.  I try to divide my time as much as possible, but its hard.  Two is really busy especially when the older one knows when you can't chase him(nursing) and goes and does naughty things.  Lil stinker.

On the workout front I've been walking as much as possible.  
I've been trying to just take E on these walks rather than both of them so he feels like he's getting mommy time, but I have been pushing the double BOB.  It's a beast but for a double stroller its pretty sweet.
9 more days and ill be cleared for working out.  I miss my sweat sessions so much.  Just the stress relief alone or how about the alone time.  I'd take that to! Can't wait to start blogging about running and working out again.  It is what this blog is for, but until I can ill enjoy my littles.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fall Days are the best

Norah is 11 days old.  It's been an adjustment and we are learning to manage two kids.  It's definitely a humbling experience.  
She's a serious cuddler.
And her big brother is diggin her which I'm so greatful for.

Today we spent the morning at a Pumpkin farm.  Sweet Emmit rode ponies, a barrel train, and as you can see pumpkins.  There was a craft fair and pancake breakfast.  Pumpkin pancakes btw are delicious!!! It was the best feeling to do that as a family.  I'm feeling really blessed.

I'm also enjoying my first glass of wine in over 10 months.  Life is good :-) 

To all who are racing and running I have run envy, but ill take these baby moments and live them up.  Truly the best moments in my life.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Welcome Norah!

Sweet baby Norah Josephine has arrived! Born Sept 17th 8lb 10oz.

Everyone is doing well, and I'm so happy to be home, healthy, and not pregnant.  :-) 

I'm looking forward to this new journey.  Being a mom of 2 has already shown to be an entirely different ball game but we are loving it.

Looking forward to sharing my journey of mommyhood and getting back into fitness.  I miss running.  I won't rush the healing process though.  I did have a c section so that really requires minimal lifting and activity in order to heal.  As we should with any injury ill take the time and enjoy my new family of four.  What a blessing.  Love them all.

Where did that dark hair come from lol!?! 

Anyone racing this weekend/ today? How did it go? 

One more pic 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

32 years old and 39 weeks pregnant!

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday! It is very true that the years pass quicker as you get older and once you have kids.  

I've never subscribed to the "unlucky" theme of Friday the 13th.  I enjoyed my birthday and it was a great day.  Especially because the temperature was finally perfect for this very preggo lady.  65 degrees and sunny.  I spent the entire day outside with this little fella.

We rode tractors at the farm.  Picked apples and pumpkins in the garden, and played in the sandbox.  My dear husband brought me starbucks for breakfast my absolute favorite thing, and my parents delivered Friday fish fry for supper.  We love our fish fries here in WI.

I've also reached 39 weeks pregnant and can't wait to meet my little lady.  It's gotten extremely uncomfortable and my workouts are down to walking with my the jogger.  There is no room left in this inn.  I've signed the eviction notice.  :-)

Friday, September 6, 2013

When I was a Newbie

A post I recently read on crazyrunninglegs.com inspired this post.

As I sit here not running it makes me nostalgic.  I began running when I was 19 many years ago.  I did it to lose weight, get in shape, and fill that void that going from a 3 sport athlete in high school to nothing in college had left in me.  Little did I know what running would bring me.

At first it was all about losing weight, and being impatient I thought it should work right away. I also made the classic newbie mistake of running every day and piling on mileage as fast as possible.  It took me a while to realize my mistake.  I suffered a case of burnout and injury.  Learning from this I started again with a run walk plan and entered my first race.  CrazyLegs in Madison WI a 5 mile race through the campus and the city finishing on the football field.  It was painful and amazing and I was officially hooked.  My senior year at Madison I took the Marathon class.  The only requirement to pass,run a marathon.  There were 40 of us in that class and thanks to them I ran the Madison 1/2 marathon and then the Chicago Marathon.  Truly the best class i ever took!

I went on from there to run several other marathons and 1/2 marathons.  Every run and race I've done has helped me learn more about myself.  I've learned more about dedication, willpower, strength, and resilience from my years of running and the people I've met along the way.  I've learned to listen to my body.  To know when to push it and when to take it easy.  I've learned that running goes only as good as the shoes you put on your feet, spend the $ get the right show.  

I've learned that I'm a happier, more patient, peaceful person if I can get a run in.  

So as I sit here 38 weeks pregnant ready to be unpregnant I think of all these goals I've reached and things I've learned and I CAN'T WAIT!! To run again.  Where's my patience now?? Oh yea I haven't ran in a while I have none :-)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Electric Run Milwaukee Review

I've been needing a girls night with my friends.  We haven't had one without kids in a LONG time.  My friends are awesome moms, and I've been trying to get them to branch out into running/fitness.  This past Saturday night the Electric Run came to The Racine County Fair Grounds and I was pumped that my friends were up for the challenge.
Waiting for it to get dark.

Overall it was a good experience.  I really liked the music.  It was upbeat dance music that got everyone pumped up and dancing.  Me and Baby even were rockin a bit.  The light shows throughout were super cool as well.  All along the way were different displays of lights and music.  The waiting area wasn't packed either and there were plenty of bathrooms.  Being pregnant this is especially important to me.  The race drew almost 5000 people and I barely waited for the restroom.  

The things I didn't like.  The wave starts were a great idea but the race didn't start until almost 820 and it was supposed to start at 8.  Then my wave didn't go until almost 845 and we were in the front.  If we were in the back we would have been waiting forever! Races should start on time and have a more organized wave start.  If you came to run don't expect a good time or to be timed period or even to really run.  It was so crowded that many people who were trying to run had to walk.  Also the terrain was uneven and dark so it was a little dangerous if you were tryin to run.  There were no timing mats or chips.  This run is meant to be fun, and more walker friendly.  It's great for those who aren't ready to commit to a timed 5k, but for those who love there splits and PRs this was not the race to do it at.

I had a great time walking and talking with the ladies, the glow sticks and light shows were fun.  I was even more happy to be out there at 36 weeks pregnant doing something fitness oriented and since I'm not able to run anymore it was nice to still be in that atmosphere.  I'd definitely do it again. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

YMCA!! And an attitude adjustment :-)

My husband and I have been on a hunt for a new gym.  We both have belonged to gyms on and off over the years, but its no longer appropriate to be driving 45 min one way to the gym now that we have kids.  

Enter the YMCA.  This never would have been an option until recently.  They built a brand new Y 10 min from our house! It's beautiful and completely family friendly.  Today I had a tour, worked out on the stationary bike all in a reasonable amount of time so I could get back home and spend the day with my little.  

I chose today to finally check it out because I've been suffering on and off from workout withdrawal.  I've been walking and doing some prenatal yoga, but I miss running so much.  The bouncing of the elliptical has been hurting as well.  So stationary bike it was.  Sometimes you have to adapt.  I admit to tearing up when I saw a women rockin a treadmill workout.  Darn hormones.  Truly though that is how important running is not only physically but to my soul.  I'm glad I was able to ride the bike though.  :-). 3 weeks left of this pregnancy ill take what I can get.  My husband honestly noticed I was cranky this morning and told me to go to the gym for an attitude adjustment.  Lol it worked! It always does.  Thank you endorphins.

And thank you fortwofitness.com for making killer maternity workout tops, and I had to rock my kinvara4s which made me happy.  

We will be signing up for sure.  The pool alone got me talk about kid friendly and they even have a splash area that my little will love! 

Today = success!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Body Love and a Guest Post

After I put my sweet child to bed last night I was ready to get down to business with one of my favorite magazines.  Womens Running is one of the best magazines.  I love that it focuses on us ladies and a lot of the articles take into account the busy lives we lead and the many hats we wear.  I am a Mom, Wife, ICU Nurse, and a Runner.  All of those require time, effort, will power, thoughtfulness, and to make them all coincide requires some discipline.  This magazine hits on that.

When I opened it up I read the Editors note and it was about loving your body.  Now I don't know about you, but I have always had a love/hate relationship with mine.  In college it was more hate and my self esteem was so low.  It didn't help that I didn't honor my body either and fed it garbage.  After I picked up running I discovered how much better I ran and functioned overall if I ate healthy along with running.

Right now as I gain weight and change shape throughout this pregnancy I have had good and bad days.  I am proud that my body can adapt to the requirements that this new life I'm growing requires.  I would be lying though if I didn't feel bad about myself at times as I watch that needle creep up on the scale, or give into one of my many pregnancy cravings.  It is amazing and bizarre how our bodies change and grow.  I look at myself in the mirror sometimes and am just amazed at what I looked like prior to pregnancy and how I look now.  I know I will get back to something like what I was, but it is true that your body is never the same after growing and carrying a child.  That's ok.  I read this article and Jessie the Editor in Chief talks about being grateful for the body you are given.  Thank it for what it allows you to do.

So today I am being thankful.  I walked yesterday for half an hour and today for 20 minutes.  I also cleaned my house, did laundry, chased a hooligan of a toddler around to name a few things.  Last week I worked 70 hours.  None of this is easy with or without a watermelon strapped to your belly, but my body allows me to do it.  I am not saying I don't have aches and pains, and being me I definitely push a little past the limit at times but that is who I am.  My body has adapted to that, or it screams back at me that I am doing to much.  If I listen I do so much better.  How cool is it that I am growing a human and doing all these things.  I am also grateful this body allowed me to run up until 32 weeks.  That is an accomplishment. 

I want to make it more of a habit that I be grateful to my body rather than bash it for what it isn't or cant be/do.  I want to work on and grow this body love.  It's the only body I get so I better quit picking and comparing and starting loving and respecting.

Do any of you have body image issues?  Want to work on some Body love?

To completely change the subject my dear twitter friend Karen over at karenlovestorun.com was nice enough to let me do a guest post on her blog about the town I grew up in and run in today.  Check it out here!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

35 weeks Almost There!!

It's funny that some parts of this pregnancy flew by and now that I'm at the end it feels like its dragging! I'm so ready to be done.  Discomfort aside I'm dying to run and I have hit the point where its just not possible anymore.  I promised myself I'd 100% listen to my body and my body says "this doesn't feel good" when I even attempt to run.  It makes me sad, but you can't fight what feels like a watermelon strapped to my stomach and how awful it is when said watermelon bounces on your pelvis and bladder.  

I've switched to walking and the elliptical.  It'll have to be enough to get me through these last few weeks.  

Work had become a bit of a comedy show as trying to bend over to get my patients catheters or reposition them in bed has developed into an acrobatic event.  Being on my feet for 70 hours a week is also taking its toll.  Procompression socks have always been high on my list, but I rely on them constantly now to get me through my long shifts.

I have hit the crazy nesting mode also.  I've been washing baby clothes, organizing supplies, cleaning like a crazy person.  My husband thinks I'm a little nuts :-) what can ya do.

I'm grateful for twitter and others blogs because I'm living my running dreams through all of you!! Thank you!  

Only a few more weeks and I get to start the journey of being a mom of 2 and getting back into fit shape.  

Until then ill keep walking this beautiful road.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Walking with extras

Happy Friday to those with 5 day weeks!! I've got a few more days left to my work week, but I'm always happy to see Friday.  

Em and I felt like a nice walk when we got up this morning.  It's a been a little cooler out which makes it was more enjoyable.  I felt like doing some extras on this walk so I added in some squats, walking lunges, and hip extensions throughout the walk.  By the end my butt was screaming, I was sweating, and Em was laughing at me.  Overall a great success.
Feet up post walk. :-) 

At almost 35 weeks I'm almost done yet so far away.  I know the lil lady needs to cook a little longer, but I'm ready to be done.  

Hope you all have a great Friday and if your racing this weekend good luck!!! 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Week 8 of best body boot camp and becoming a Kind Runner

Bump pic while I was rocking best body boot camp weights routine.
33 almost 34 weeks and counting! Getting near to the end and I'm ready to get my body back even though it'll be at the cost of no longer sleeping through the night. I've been sticking with the Best Body Bootcamp and this week is the last week! I'm so pumped I made it through the whole thing and by doing that am almost through my fit pregnancy.

It's been a pretty nice week.  I love weather in the 70's and I love getting packages that contain running shoes in the mail.
I've been feeling a strong desire to give back and I've really been trying to figure out the right thing for me to get involved with to start.  I discovered http://www.kindrunner.com/ through a blog friend Emma at amomrunsthistown.com. Check out her blog if you get the chance she's amazing.  Kindrunner is an organization that you can donate your old running shoes to and they give them to those who need them.  I got these babies on there website and when they arrive you get a box and return slip for your old sneakers.  Pretty cool and I feel good about bringing running into someone's life, or making it easier for someone to run.

I've also been experimenting with new recipes.  This panini is chiabatta bread, spinach, Roma tomatoes, mozzarella, and pesto.  It was delicious!!
The flowers I had to include because they make me happy.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Five for Friday

1. I ran yesterday! For like 5 minutes :-) but I still count it and it makes me happy. It was also great because I did it at 33 weeks and it was a stroller run/walk.  So my sweet baby was with and that always makes me happy.

2. Gilmore Girls is truly an awesome show.  I own all the seasons and have watched them a million times.  They don't get old.  

3.  I LOVE Best Body Bootcamp.  If you want a weight/cardio 8 week course that will push you and feel great then try it out.  @tinareale is who runs it and she is such a great motivator.  I can't wait to do it when I'm not pregnant.

4. I've been doing a rummage sale for the last few days tomorrow is the last day.  I'm so glad that it is.  Sitting there all day isn't that fun when it's smoking hot and I have a watermelon strapped to my belly.

5. I love my procompression socks.  They have helped my sore slightly swollen achey feet and calves through this pregnancy.  Invest if you haven't. I mean look how cute these are!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

3 things

I haven't posted this week because it started out pretty rough and I feel that I really don't want to make this blog sad or emotional.  I want to be inspiring, happy, fit-minded.  As I've thought about it all week I was reminded of other bad times in my life and how I responded.  By working out and running.

This week I finally reached the stop point of running. I'm 33 weeks and it officially hurts.  I can't argue with my body it will always win even if I try to power through it.  So to keep my emotions positive and to stay strong every day this week I've walked with my son in the BOB.  I'm also still doing best body boot camp week 7!! It has helped a little to ease to pain.

Long and short I had to find a new home for my dog who I've had for 9 years.  She  is family, but my son comes first and they weren't compatible.  Instead of waiting for something very bad to happen I found her a great home.  Its probably the hardest thing I've ever done.  I love that dog like she was my child, but I'd never forgive myself if I didn't act when I saw a possibility for serious injury.  

I wish I could go for a run to heal, but I walked.  It is what it is.

My 3 things:

1. Working out always helps my mood even if its just a walk.
2. I can't wait to be posting workouts on here involving 10 mi+ runs.
3. I hope all of you are having a great weekend and running and racing!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

What a Fit Pregnancy means to Me

I have read a lot of posts on women working out while pregnant, and what each is doing.  I also have read posts on what it means to these women to continue to workout while carrying a little person around inside them.  I am inspired by all of them.  Every one of them gives me motivation to continue on in my quest for the fit pregnancy.

Now I am almost cooked.  32 weeks this coming Monday.  Almost there yet so far away.  My workouts have scaled back the further I get into the third trimester.  I am still plugging away at Best Body Bootcamp, Beginner option.  I am digging it.  Tina Reale knows her shit.  I do the weight/cardio workouts twice a week and try to get some sort of cardio in several other days per week.  So far success.  My running is down to 1-2 days a week and its more walk than run.  Little lady is head down and ready to go and occasionally I literally feel like she might try to fall out.  EEK!  So walking and the elliptical have become my cardio of choice.

For a while I was a little bummed at how little I am running.  Especially because running is such a sanity saver, soothing element in my life.  I am still running, but it isn't the sweat out the emotion, run myself dry kind of running anymore.  It is now the running of a mom preparing to be a mom again, body aware, thoughtful, slow, and it continues to be soothing.  There is nothing like having your little one come with you everywhere.  A kick mid-run to remind you"hey mom I'm still here."  It's pretty amazing and I am trying to embrace it in these final weeks.  I don't have much of a choice so might as well go with it. 

A fit pregnancy is maintaining a workout regime that is thoughtful and works for your body.  It isn't pushing yourself, attempting to lose weight, PR, reach new training goals.  It's about maintaining what you had before you were pregnant, and feeling good about yourself and your ability to grow a little person while still being yourself.  Running and working out is who I am.  As my body changes and becomes something that doesn't seem like my own I workout to remind myself I am still here I am just growing mentally and physically. 

Workouts so far this week

Monday rest
Tuesday 2 mile run/walk
Wednesday 40 min walk
Thursday BBB weight routine with 3 hours of pushing my little one at the County Fair (pics in next post)
Friday 1 hour walk at County Fair

I am counting the walking at County Fair because wow is that ever a workout especially pushing a stroller.  :) I have made it almost 32 weeks in this Fit Pregnancy Journey.  Every day is a new accomplishment.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Find my strong

I am working on my 31st week of pregnancy.  Only 9 more to go!!  The countdown has finally reached single digits and I honestly could not be more happy about that.  I went for a 2 mile run/walk this morning before it got really hot and I was mulling over what I wanted to write in this blog post.

As some of you know who read my blog from time to time I am a nurse in a Surgical ICU in a level 1 Trauma Center.  So we get the worst of the worst when it comes to car accidents, shootings, etc.  This past work week has been very hard for myself and the other nurses I work with.  We work hard every day to save lives.  Your faced with your own mortality, and are called upon to not only do all you can medically to save someones life, but also to be a shoulder to lean on for the families that are grieving for there loved one.  Hospitals are largely where people only come when the worst of the worst is happening.  It is an emotional roller coaster that can bring out the best and worst of people.  This week we had a large amount of patients die in our ICU.  Unfortunantly, when you work in a Level 1 Trauma Center patients come to you when they have already died or almost died and many we can save, but its also a common occurance to lose lives.  We all deal with it differently.  I run. 

At this point in my pregnancy it is starting to get hard to run, and I often walk more than run.  I am happy to still get back out there, but I am sometimes suffering emotionally and need to run more than I am able.  I have cried this week, and suffered with these families.  Its hard not to bring it home with you. 

Running brings me peace and emotional strength.  I am happy to still be out there working out, to maintain a fit pregnancy, and a healthy lifestyle.  I am also glad I am still out there because I need it to deal with the loss that sometimes surrounds me on a daily basis.  Sweat is cleansing, running is peace.  I am so grateful for that.  I am grateful that I can FIND MY STRONG is running.

Does running bring you peace? 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Week of Workouts 31 weeks pregnant!

The countdown has moved to single digits! I am 31 weeks pregnant! 9 weeks left.  It feels like so long to go but really I'm In the home stretch!

My workouts have slowed down this week.  It's my work week and work has been especially grueling.  There really hasn't been much sitting during my 10 hour shifts at all which has also brought on the good ol Braxton hicks contractions.  Those I have not missed.  This is also the week that my sweet son had decided to start getting up at 6am, which gives me about 5.5/6 hours sleep. I am one of those people who very much need, especially while pregnant, at least 7 but really 8-9 hours of sleep.

Monday: Best Body Bootcamp interval cardio workout on the elliptical and strength workout A
Tuesday: 40 min stroller walk
Wednesday rest
Thursday: 2 mi run/walk
Friday: rest

I'm hoping to get my weight workout in this morning before work.  2 more days of work before off week.  Next week is County Fair and I can't wait to take my Little to the Fair. 

Hope you all have a great weekend! 
Rockin my #sweatpink tank!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Week of workouts

It's been a pretty non restful week at my house.  It's my off week from work so I should be getting more sleep and actually cleaning something, but that really hasn't happened.
Sweet baby has been getting up super early and then today he woke up with a high fever.  It breaks my heart to see him sick.  I've also been basically a single mom all week since my husband works nights and has been gone.  Single parenting is no joke! So between caring for my baby, attempting to cook (oh wait that requires having food in the house to cook) going to the grocery store, and has anyone found a maid that will work for free to do my laundry?? Lets just say this week hasn't been restful.  Thank God for coffee and that my baby sick or not will happily go on stroller run/walks with me.

Workouts for the week:
Tuesday: Best body Bootcamp cardio and weight routine A
Wednesday was a stroller walk and then 3.5 hours of stroller walking in the mall
Friday was a 50 min walk/run 
Today was a 45 min walk

Not bad but I missed out on my second strength workout.  With my little not feeling well I've been to busy snuggling.  

I also have been listening to my body and its started to say "less running" I'm listening.  My runs have become much more walking.  I'm happy to still be getting some running in, but my round ligaments and pelvis have been very sore the last few runs and it's then lingered all day.  Not good.  I'm not saying no running but ill be slowing down further for the last 10 weeks of this pregnancy.  

My view on my last run/walk.  Country roads make me happy.

Friday, July 12, 2013

A few things about me

A. Single or attached? Ive been married for almost 5 years now and we are currently expecting our second baby!

B. Best Friend? Well I have a lot of great friends, but my dear friend Amanda would have to be my best.  She has a couple of kids and is my go to for mom advice.  She also is so fun to hang out with and our kids get along.

C. Cake or pie? I don't really like either, but I'm more likely to eat pie.  I'd be ok with pumpkin pie and whip cream :-)

D. Day of the week? I like any day that is not spent at work and that I get to hang with loved ones.  

E. essential item? Hm yea I don't go anywhere without my phone.  That chap stick and my son are my main items

F. Favorite color? I am a blue girl I own so much blue stuff sometimes I put multiple blues Together and look like a giant blueberry.

G. Gummy bears or gummy worms? I love gummy bears.  I take them on long runs.

H. Hometown? I'm a Wisconsin girl all the way:  love my Packers, beer, brats, and cheese :-) I'm also a dairy farmers daughter!

I. Favorite Indulgance? Wine and right now that I'm pregnant and can't have it I'm indulging in a lot of ice cream.

J. January or June? I prefer January I can always put on more clothes but I can't take off my skin in the heat.  I love snow to.

K. Kids? Yup my son who's 1 1/2 and a daughter on the way.

L. Life isn't complete without? My family love them so much!

M. Marriage date? October 4, 2008

N. number of siblings? 3 little brothers my other best friends 

O. Oranges or apples? I have a weird pregnancy craving for apples all the time.  Braeburn or pink lady are my favorites 

P. phobias? None the fears I have I fight all the time nothing stops me.

Q. Favorite Quote? What doesn't kill me makes me stronger. ~unknown 

R. Reason to smile? My sweet son I love him and he makes me laugh every day more than once :-)

S. season of choice? Fall is by far my favorite season.  The weather is cooler I love wearing capris.  I love the leaves changing and the crisp coolness in the air.  

U. Unknown fact about me? I was in 4h for 13 years I showed beef cattle, hogs, and dairy at the county fair and state fair.

V. Favorite vegetable? I'd eat green peppers any time.

W.worst habit? I try to control everything and get very anxious if I can't.  I hate the anxiety 

X. X-ray or ultrasound? Hm ultrasound I spose.

Y. Your favorite food? Pizza :-) and chipotle burrito bowl.  Yummy 

Z. Zodiac sign? Virgo.  Many things about that fit and some don't.  

That was fun for me hopefully it was for you.  If you have a chance feel free to leave a fact about yourself.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Week 4 Best Body Bootcamp

I can't believe I'm at the halfway point of the summer session of BBB! It's been enjoyable and I'm really learning to enjoy lifting weights so much more than I have in the past.  It helps that there's some awesome ladies doing it as well so i can watch and share the journey with others.  

Monday was supposed to be a weight/cardio day,but work really beat me down this past week.  It's taking alot out of me to run for 10 hours straight 7 days in a row at 29 weeks pregnant. So rest day it was.  If you call sweeping and mopping all the floors in the house and doing 6 loads of laundry resting. :-)

Tuesday I woke up ready to go.  I've had to modify alot this week with the weights because alot of it is balancing prone on a stability ball.  Being that I am carrying my own stability ball in front of me there is no way I'm able to do that.  I've still been able to get a good workout in and then I ran/walked 2 miles.

Today was straight cardio.  I walked 50 minutes pushing my kid in the BOB.  I then went to the mall to get some much needed shopping done with a dear friend of mine and her two little boys.  So 2 moms and 3 boys.  It actually was so fun and they were so well behaved.  That was 3.5 hours of walking with the stroller.  I'm counting that towards my cardio!

Tomorrow I head to the Dr for a checkup for me and the jellybean.  I'm 29 weeks 3 days so I'm going to say 10 weeks left! The countdown begins!

Hope you all are getting great workouts in in this muggy hot weather!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Five

1. Best Body Bootcamp week 3 is coming to a close.  I'm loving lifting weights.  Ive never enjoyed lifting weights but I very much enjoy it now.  I'm feeling stronger.

2. Tuesday I ran the Stars and Sparks v5k thrown by HuffnPuff it was awesome.  I felt good and the medal waiting for me at the end was super cool!
Rocked the 4th of July red white and blue sparkly soul band my FAV hair band and USA procompression socks.  

3. I enjoyed a family walk today.  Work has been really stressful and I've been on my feet alot.  At 28 weeks almost 29 weeks I'm hurtin.  Walking is becoming more comfortable all the time.

4. I am really loving my new stick. I love foam rolling its so dang painful, but now that I'm getting bigger its harder to do.  The stick is pretty amazing.  Until I'm able to use the foam roller again it'll do.

5. I'm still enjoying baked strawberry oatmeal.  It's almost gone but I can't believe how good it is.  It's going to be a staple in our house.

Workouts this week: 
Monday BBB weights and elliptical
Tuesday v5k
Wednesday BBB weights no time for cardio 
Thursday rest day if you want to call a crazy 8 hour shift where I didn't rly even eat rest.  
Friday 40 min stroller walk 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday FunDay

My last day of off week before I go back to my 7 days of 10 hour shifts.  I am exhausted just thinking about it.  :)  Gotta make the $$ especially since I can't seem to quit buying new running clothes and shoes.  Even funnier I am buying most of them for the size I will be post pregnancy.  Soooo I can't even wear them for another 12 weeks minimum lol.  I'm a weirdo I know.

Today was supposed to be a rest day from BestBodyBootCamp however, I woke up just wanting to run.  I've been wanting to badly to go for a long run, but I know my body and at this stage of pregnancy, good 'ol 3rd trimester my body isn't prepared for that pounding.  My dear husband, son, and I went for a 3 mile run walk instead.  Mile 1 was quicker than I've ran in a while 11:52 probably because I ran the majority of it.  Mile 2 contained a little more walking, but I still held my pace to a 12 minute mile.  The third mile however, baby was starting to pound on my dear bladder which required some extra walking, and then we ran past a few friends so we had to stop and talk.  I forgot to pause the garmin.  Oh well.  It was a great run.

I've been trying to make healthier dishes lately as well.  I always like to make healthy meals, but for a while now I feel like I've been making the same things.  I found a recipe on Madelines blog Foodfamilyandfitnessblog.com for baked oatmeal.  It makes a whole dish that you can warm up piece by piece for breakfast throughout the week.

It's delicious we had a little as a desert after my taco bake and corn on the cob dinner.  Greatest success my toddler loved it!!!  Made my day!