Friday, May 31, 2013

What I'm Scared of and How I fight it!!

I am a negative self talker.  I'm also a worrier.  I have spent a large portion of my life feeling not good enough, not worthy.  

It wasn't until I started running almost 13 years ago that I started to be able to fight those negative thoughts.  Don't get me wrong it didn't just up and go away.  I fight it still, but if I run and stay active it's easier to feel positive to feel that I AM ENOUGH.  

My number one fear is that I will fail.  Fail as a mom, a nurse, a wife, a friend.  When I have a bad run I look and see what I can learn from it.  Did I push to hard, not hydrate well, under or overtrain etc.  running has helped me look at other difficult situations in my life when I've been overwhelmed and frustrated and be able to learn from it.  Am I perfect at it? No but I'm a lot better now than I used to be.

I continue to grow through running, through being a mother, wife, and the many other hats I wear on a daily basis.  I'm happier and I continue to tell myself I AM ENOUGH.

What are you afraid of? What mantra do you use to fight through? Is running a tool you use to fight the fear?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hot and humid workouts

Yesterday was 80+ degrees and it felt like you were walking through pea soup it was so humid.  I did take my son for two short walks, but there was no way I could get my pregnant butt to do cardio outside.  Last pregnancy I bought an elliptical on a whim.  Literally.  I decided I wanted one at 6pm on a sunday night by 8pm we had one being set up in our basement.  :)  I pumped out 45 minutes on the elliptical ranging between 4-11 for resistance.  Then I decided why not do some upper body weights.  I did 3 sets of 10 of bicep curls, rows, and overhead press.  I felt like it was a decent workout.  I did really want to be outside, but I knew the heat wasn't good for me to go hard outside.
Today I got out early and went for a run/walk.  I alternated 2 min run with 2 min walk.  I did fine until I got to 2.25 miles and then I got a killer side cramp.  I had to stop and stretch several times.  I guzzled some water and my son laughed as I stretched on the side of the road.  I love that he loves to go with me.  I walked the rest of the way home when it wouldn't subside so total of 2.45 miles.  Sometimes its just not happening.  I am glad that I got in the miles I did and that I didn't push it.  That's the last thing I need to do.  Running through this pregnancy means I have to adjust for the situation and listen to my body.  That is what is going to get me to the end in the best possible shape and hopefully still running.
On the run :)
Post workout in my oiselle tank (LOVE IT) and sparkly soul headbands(CANT LIVE WITHOUT)
Baby news:  Picked up her crib today!! 
Did you all run today??

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

23 weeks pregnant and Still Running!

I have been meaning to post since Tuesday and somehow every time I attempt to sit down and do it my sweet munchkin is requiring some attention.  Right now he is hiding behind a chair pooping so I have a few minutes. :) 

Here is the most recent pic sorry for some reason they come out a little grainy when I transfer them from my phone to computer.  I've gained 17 lbs and seem to be getting bigger much faster the 2nd time around than I did with my first.
Yesterday I got in my 1st run of the week.  Sunday I worked a 16 hour shift, I admit it may have been taking on a lot.  As a nurse you really don't sit down much and 23 weeks pregnant that's kind of a lot to take on, but strollers are expensive.  I need a double stroller.  To bad you don't get a baby shower every time you have a kid.  I have next to nothing since I am having a girl this time around.  There goes my $$.

Back to the workout.  I had to revert to the Another Mother Runner 5k training plan week one, which is walk 4 minutes run 2 minutes.  I was and am still hurting from the 6 10 hour work shifts followed by the 16 hour 7th shift.  It felt good I was just happy I could get a workout in.  Had to do it on the treadmill due to lovely torrential rain.  I foam rolled like crazy and used a tennis ball on some of my really sore spots.  Today I am feeling pretty good. 
I had to include this pic.  Last night I searched everywhere for the baby monitor.  I can't bring myself to go to bed without it.  I like being able to hear every little thing.  I was about to give up when I bent down and happened to look in the barn.  Go figure the little sneak had hidden it in there.  :)  I got a good laugh.  He is always hiding things.  My husband found our tv remote after a week of looking inside our large cauldron with the cover on in the cupboard.  LOL
I plan on getting another workout in yet today.  I need to find some more weight routines and low impact workouts for non running days.  Ive also been working on my Running List of To Do's for post baby.  There are so many races I want to do and training plans I want to try.  I am itching to go and miss workouts that are so hard your just done afterwards.  Looking forward to those days again.
Hope you all got a run or workout in!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!  Thank you to all who have served our country!  I am so greatful.

What is everyone doing for there Memorial Day?  It is cold, windy, and rainy here in WI, gotta love it but its home.  We have a family cookout (cook-in thank you weather) this afternoon and another one this evening.  I love that holidays give families another reason to be together.  My family is very close we see each other often and don't need a reason to have a meal together.  I am looking forward to seeing them all today. 

No workout today for me.  Did everyone else run?  I badly need a double stroller so to pay for it I worked a 16 hour shift yesterday.  Time and a half!!  $$ good, not so good for the pregnant body.  I am paying for those hours on my feet today big time.  Thank you dear husband for massaging my legs and back. 

Today I am 23 weeks pregnant and minus feeling like I ran a half marathon yesterday I am feeling good.  Can't wait for tomorrow I am hoping the weather clears and I can get a run in. 

Hope you all enjoy your day!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday: my hump day

Day 4 of work today! Oy I'm beat, but I'm sticking with my workouts.  I've said before but I'm an ICU nurse and that means my 10+ hour work shifts are not filled with a lot of sitting.  It's made working and working out more of a struggle on work days.  Monday I ran 3 beautiful miles outside.
View from the back of the jogger.  Love my country roads.  That was also the day I tried prenatal yoga.  LOVE

I Unfortunantly paid for this workout at work.  I had a sick pt and by the end of the day I hurt in places I have never hurt in before.

Tuesday I took it easy because I didn't want another repeat of Monday.  1 mi walk with my pup and 15 min prenatal yoga.  Felt great then I went to work and had to do chest compressions.  Spent the rest of the day having mild contractions. NOT COOL!

Wednesday I decided I needed a workout to feel sane after the stressful days at work but didn't want the side effects.  I did half hour on the elliptical and upper body weights.
The night before I managed to get a little more sleep also.  I felt good and made it thru work.

Now do you ever feel like you need a run so BAD!?! I did today.  I took a page from Train Like a Mother and did 4min run x 2 min walk repeat x 5 with warm up and cool down.
I'm hoping work goes well today.  It's hard finding a balance between my mental happiness that exercise fulfills for me and the demands of my job.  Especially as I go thru this pregnancy.  I'm 22 weeks and the bigger I get the harder doing everything becomes.  I know I need to workout in some form to feel good about myself, to feel healthy, and lets face it to let me eat a donut with sprinkles from time to time.  The really hard part is finding the balance between work, motherhood, wifery, exercising and  pregnancy. If anyone has figured it out please let me know.
4 more day of work.  I can do it. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Runday

This lovely workday started out early.  630 am and I here my son through the monitor.  Oy I would've liked another hour at least, but you make do with what you have.  I went and got him from the crib and made coffee.  Priorities people.  LOVE MY COFFEE and my kid :)  We ate breakfast and looked at the weather.  Hm 85 and humid by noon, currently 70 ok lets go running kiddo.  So I saddled up the BOB and headed out.  I took quite a few walk breaks today.  The air felt a lot like pee soup.  We did a good 3 miles and I decided its time to try out some prenatal yoga.  Now I know that yoga has a lot of benefits for runners, and I really want to get more into it.  I admit though when time gets tight running is the only thing that doesn't get cut.  I did 30 minutes of the 50 minute video before E had had enough and wanted to be in his mommy's lap pronto.
Ya know what I kinda dig it.  Gotta try to do it at least once a week.
Love my Sparklysoul headbands.  They sparkle and they stick to your head.  The only headband that ever has.  I also rocked my new active accessories tank.  It is stretchy and my belly was pretty comfortable in it. 
Just a cute pic of my sweet kitten.  I am a farm girl and this is one of the new additions.  I haven't decided on a name yet.  What do you think???  Its a boy. 
Off to work from 1230-11pm.  I think I need another cup of coffee. 
Hope you all enjoy your run today!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday night/rest day

PQuick post from my phone! Hope your weekends were all wonderful.  Mine was pretty darn good.

Saturday I had a nice 2 mile run followed by some weight lifting.  

We rummaged and got some great deals on baby clothes as well.  I've been going a bit crazy with all the things I need for a girl since all my baby stuff is boy themed.  Today I bought her a crib.  I was going to wait but there was a great deal.  Now my only other huge purchase is a double stroller.  That stuff is expensive!!!

And what else did I do today???
I met my new niece.  So sweet, little, and beautiful.  Makes me happy.

We also grilled steak and had it with huge salads with fresh mozzarella and avocado.  Yum! One of my fav things to do in the summer is grill out.

Oh and for any preggos readying I have to say the Odouls NA beer is the closest to the real thing.  

Happy Sunday! Hope your runs/races went well 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Joggermom Finale and Post Workouts

Tuesday the 15th I officially finished the Joggermom Marathon!  I was so pumped when I finished that last run.  I brought sweet baby E with me to commemorate since he has been my most constant runnin partner along with Sam my dog.
Here we are rockin the last 1/4 mile together.  My partners in running.  I love that feeling of finishing something that you have put a lot of time and effort into.  It is so satisfying and exhilarating.
 With this and the Mother's Day 5K going so well I am looking for my next challenge.  I am thinking about signing up for another 5K in June or early July.  I really want to stick with running and exercising throughout this pregnancy!!  It makes me so proud each week, each day that I continue.
My Joggermom race bib and me with a BIG smile.  :)
I took a day off post Joggermom and was really feeling the itch to get back out there.  I went for a short walk with E and by Friday I NEEDED a run.  As I was out there I felt so great I decided to tack on another mile to my planned 3 mile run.  It was wonderful and I was pumped that I am still able to run 4 miles.  I didn't push it and took a few walk breaks to make sure baby was comfortable and my pelvic ligaments could get a break.  My one thing I continue to need to work on is stretching and foam rolling.  That foam roller is a beast that brings pain.  I always feel great afterwards but seriously PAINFUL!! 

I finished that run and got the mail to see that my new Women's Running magazine had come.  My favorite mag btw.  I open it up and what do I see.  MYSELF!  Now granted it is one my tweets about my favorite gear, and it is small, but my pic and tweet are in Women's Running.  That is seriously about the coolest thing that has ever happened in my running career.  I never would have guessed I'd be this active in the running community, attempting to become more involved, much less mentioned in one of my all time favorite magazines.  I am PUMPED! 
Today I went for an easy 2 mile run/walk pushing E in the jogger.  I also did the weight lifting portions of The 30 Day Shred with Jillian.  She is painful but effective.  I need to work on adding 2 strength days and a yoga/pilates day into my week.  They are the first things to go when I get pressed for time. 
Hope you all have a great weekend!  Good luck racing and Run happy!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother Runner 5k recap

First things first look what my dear sweet husband got me for Mother's Day!!  He does listen and it was wonderful to receive.  I think it made me run faster :)

Proudly showing off my race bib.  I was so nervous for this race.  I was worried that with the little one I am carrying around I wouldn't feel good maybe I would have to walk a ton.  I really wanted to feel good during this race, prove to myself that all this training and working hard throughout this pregnancy so far could in fact come together in a great race.  Well guess what...I felt great and the race was wonderful!!
We arrived 30 minutes early.  I was a little nervous about getting there with enough time to hit up the porta-pot, something that this runner finds necessary before all races.  I didn't know what kind of crowd to expect.  This was a really well organized race.  It wasn't a huge race, but there was definitely an awesome turnout.  Plenty of bathrooms and the course was awesome.  Also the post run food was delicious and healthy! 

I lined up at the start line with all the other mother runners and it felt great just to be among them.  How inspiring.  I looked ahead of me and what did I see...another mother runner race bib.  Wish I had a pic, but it was super cool that someone else did the same training as I did and was running the same race.  Small world.  The even cooler part.  I caught up to here right before the finish and told her we did the same plan and congrats!

The first mile was a little chilly, it was pretty windy, but we headed into the woods and the scenery was beautiful.  At one point we were running across a skinny gangplank type bridge and it was bouncing up and down.  Pretty crazy feeling.  The first mile was my slowest but still in the 9 minute mile range.  I felt great and didn't feel like walking at all.  Mile 2 had one hill in it which wasn't that bad.  Otherwise it was a flat course.  I started to get a little hot and was glad when I saw the water station.  I hit in the 9 min mile range again for mile 2!!  I was pumped!!  I had thought I may walk in mile 3, but I kept thinking I only have a mile left, I am almost done already why bother with walking.  I didn't walk at all!!  and I broke the half hour mark while pregnant.  PREGNANT PR!!!!!
Here is my proud badass mother runner pregnant self holding onto my bibs.  I felt great!!! 
The best part was I had my cheering section.  My sweet baby boy and my husband were there cheering me on.  What a motivation!  I'm so happy by this race.  I proved to myself that I can run races pregnant, I can feel good doing it.  It gives me further motivation to keep running for as long as possible, hopefully until the day I deliver.  It also makes me excited for the races I want to run post pregnancy.
To make my Mothers Day even better the next day I found out I am having a little girl.  :)  I have a son already and was thinking I was having another.  Not so.  Huge girlie bomb was dropped on me.  I hope to be a role model for her.  For both my kids. 
Happy running :)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Another Mother Runner 5k tomorrow!

The event is finally here!  I've been training for this 5k for 10 weeks using the Train Like a Mother book 5k plan.  I'm ready. I'm excited!

My last workout was 2 mi on Friday.  
I took it slow and felt good.  Today I didn't run because it was packet pickup before work.  I left Sooo early to give myself enough time to pick it up check out the park and get something to eat.  Well I ended up getting lost and driving way longer than anticipated.  I got my packet with barely enough time to get I work.  So I am hoping I have no problem finding the park where the race starts tomorrow.  I'm a little anxious.

Goals: I'd love to say I want to PR or I want to run sub 9 min miles but being 21 weeks pregnant I'm going for a finish.  I'm hoping to not walk at all.  The weather is going to stink cold windy maybe rainy so we will see.  Either way I'm looking forward to accomplishing this!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Joggermom that's what I am

Day 3 of my work week and I'm fighting a little bit of a cold that this sweet baby gave me.  It's not bad enough to give up my joggermom ways but its slowin me down a little.
I love his sweet face :-)

Put in 3.15 mi today for the joggermom marathon.  It was hot but I brought water and sipped it along the way.
I was glad when we were done and back in the shade.  Being preggo I rly don't want to get overheated.
I love For Two Fitness gear.  This tank is super comfy and great for hot runs.  

My first pregnancy I was self conscious when it came to allowing pics of myself.  There are very few pics of me pregnant with E and now I'm kinda sad about it.  I'm glad I realized it though because now I've been better at documenting some bump pics.  I still feel self conscious about my growing width but I'm tryin to embrace it.  It's not like this happens everyday carryin a little critter around.  It's pretty amazing.

My workout today brought me closer to the 26.2 I need in the month of may for the joggermom marathon.  I'm up to 18 miles now.  I know I won't win but finishing is good enough for me.  I'm running happy :-)

Monday, May 6, 2013

20 weeks pregnant and still running!

Today I go back to work for 7 10 hour shifts.  I knew I needed to get a run in today to help my shift be less stressful and feel better.  I also really want to put in the miles for the Joggermom Marathon.  I know I won't win, but I will feel so great when I complete this challenge.  I feel great working towards it.  Here I am finishing up my run.  I did have my dog on the leash but he was done with it when we got in the yard.

I am loving my procompression marathon socks.  Just got them in purple and had to try them out today. 

Here are my miles for the day.  The 3rd mile was in the 9 minute range for the first time in a LONG time.  It also didn't hurt my pelvis today, and I was glad for that.  I am starting to have aching in my pelvis here and there I just slow to a walk to let it ease up and then run again when it starts to feel better.

My sweet baby was out playing in the yard with my husband.  I sat down on the porch stairs and he promptly parked himself by me.  I was so proud yesterday he went to the BOB and was pushing it out of the garage pointing at me then the stroller.  He KNOWS!!  We went  for a short walk just because he clearly wanted to.  I've never been happier. 

This came in the mail today.  I love it and feel really great that the $ I spent on it went to aide those suffering through injuries and recovery.  Don't worry Boston I wont forget.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Run #3 for the Joggermom Marathon

This is the longest run I have done since I have been pregnant!  Let me tell you I am pumped that I was able to do it!  It wasn't fast, it wasn't that pretty with my preggy waddle but I don't care I am just so glad I finished!  I did this run yesterday after a session on the treadmill the day before so I was worried I wouldn't be able to go long.  I DID!!
The first 2 miles were in the 10 minute range with minimal walk breaks.  The temp was perfect pretty cool and I felt really well.  The third mile was in the 11's.  I definitely walked up the 2 hills that were in this mile.  I needed to slow down my breathing and I felt my pelvis starting to ache a little bit.  Mile 4 I knew I want to get to 4 miles, and I knew to dot it I would have to walk a little bit more.  This mile was in the 12 min mile range.  I was so happy when I saw my garmin hit 4 miles I did a little jig in the road.  That was the last of my energy I waddled my sore pelvis home.

I have noticed I feel a lot faster when I run in the Saucony kinvaras.  I don't know if it is because they are so light, or a mental thing, but I am always able to pull a little more speed out when I am wearing these shoes.  I can't wait til I can try out the Kinvara4s. 

My new favorite post run snack is greek yogurt with Kind brand granola and fruit.  There has been a special on blackberries lately so I have been rockin a lot of those.  I LOVE the Kind brand.  There granola bars are healthy and satisfying.  I recently tried the granola and have to say I enjoy it just as much.  This flavor is the bluberry vanilla.  It so far is my favorite. 
I also go back and forth between chobani and oikos greek yogurt.  I don't like the fruit at the bottom as much I like when it is mixed in.  I am weird like that.  The chobani Flips are fantastic though and I have them all the time.  Try them out if you get the chance.  The Key Lime is the best in my opinion.
Have a happy Sunday all!!  I am going to grill out and spend the rest of the day with my dear family before I start another work week.
Hope you all got a run in today!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Rainy day and a Run

Week 9 Day 5 of TLAM Virtual 5K training and I can't believe my race is next weekend!!  I am ready and excited.  I also am excited because my dear husband and baby will be coming to watch.  I love the support.

Today's workout was a 3.2 mile run on the "dreadmill."  I am so over the treadmill, but it was pouring rain out along with being cold and gross.  Ugh no fun.  So downstairs to the treadmill it was.  Luckily it past pretty quickly because I am obsessed with Modern Family and watched an episode while on the 'mill.  I'm still incorporating walk breaks in, however today were fewer.  I did a warm-up and cool-down with 8 minute run and 2 minute walk x 3 in between.  It went well and felt good.  I love runs that go well while pregnant.  So many start to be painful, and my belly starts to push down on my bladder.

I have now put in 6.4 miles towards my Joggermom marathon.  Only 19.8 more to go.  I love goals and working towards something.  The sense of accomplishment of having a purpose is such a great feeling.   
On the home front my sweet baby hasn't been feeling good and that has made for a long couple of days.  I hate not knowing, not understanding what is wrong even when I try so hard to do or fix everything that I think it might be.  We are going to the Dr. today and hopefully the answer will just be teething.  I tell you what teething is bullshit.  At least its done at a time that they won't remember it because clearly he is uncomfortable right now and I ache for him. 
Also attempting homemade pizza tonight.  Kind of excited.  Cuddling on the couch with my baby is the other thing on the to do list. 
I hope you all have a great day.  

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Joggermom Marathon! Sign up!

The Virtual Joggermom's not just a 26.2 mile race, it is an adventure!
"How fun will this be to run and compete with other Moms all over the US virtually?!? We will be signing up Moms from February 15th thru May 15th to participate in our Virtual Joggermom Marathon. On May 1st the race begins. Participating Moms can start recording mileage until they complete a total of 26.2 miles by May 31st. " website
This is straight from there website it looks so fun and exciting!  Go to for event details and sign up!!  It is cheap and a way to keep on running especially if your like me and pregnant and motivation is hard to come by some days!  All you have to do is put in 26.2 miles run/walk in the month of May.  That's only a little over 6 miles a week.  So doable.  Can you tell I am pumped??
I started putting my miles in today already.  It is the second warm day in a row here in WI.  In the 70's when I headed out the door.  I need to start carrying water!!  Hydrating is tough and I usually only bring or stash water when I am running over 6 miles in the heat.  Being pregnant makes thing a little different. 
This is also my week 9 of Train Like a Mother V5k so my race is on Mother's Day.  I was worried I would fall of the training wheel if I didn't have something pushing me.  Finding this new race will keep me motivated for sure. 
My miles I put in so far.  Rockin the Kinvara3's.  I was a little quicker today to.  My second mile was a 9:35. 
My confirmation ticket!!  There is also a start up packet to keep track of your miles, and take pics so you can prove that you put the miles in.  There are fun prizes! 
On the run today :)

On a completely off track there is a hairy spider crawling on my wall.  I hate spiders.  Yuck.
Run Happy!!