Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A run, a baby, and a spiffy new training journal

My sweet baby is 15 months old today!  I really can't believe how time as flown.  He is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I appreciate every minute I get to spend with him, and enjoy his every first.  As tough as it is to be a mom, it is the best most enjoyable job. 

I also am 19 weeks pregnant, almost halfway!!!  Horaay!  This pregnancy was similar to the first.  4.5 months of vomiting and nausea with severe food aversions, and then it slowly goes away.  Now at 19 weeks I feel pretty darn good.  The exhaustion that turned me into Rip Van Winkle has abated a little to thank God, and I feel more pep in my step as I run and work.

I have to talk about this new journal I just got.  I love it!!  It is the I Believe I Am training journal.  The company was created by several Olympic runners who I really admire.  The journal is full of quotes, directions on the best way to use the journal, and can really help you grow as a runner.  I love it the cover is about as cute as it gets.  Also all recycled materials were used to make it.  I love journals that are inspiring especially when you have hard training runs to get through.  It's important to believe in yourself.  To believe that you can reach your dreams if you work hard enough. 

Family run today was awesome!!  It's almost 80 degrees already so my pregnant self focused on not overheating while enjoying the run.  Hydrate!!  3 miles felt great.  They all were run at about an 11 minute mile I took 4 walk breaks for about a minute a piece.  This helped my breathing and helped me avoid getting to hot. 
19 weeks in my I Run This Body t-shirt from MilePosts
One of my running buddies
Hope you all get your run in today.  How did it go?  How far did you go?

Life gets away

I have good intentions every day to blog and then I start my daily routine and suddenly the time I thought I had for it has slipped away. Time is sly like that. Just like every year goes quicker as I get older. Sneaky time. :-)

I've gotten some great workouts in since I last posted and I'm up to 25.6 miles for Boston. Only 0.6 mi to go until I reach 26.2. How did I get to such a random number you might ask? I have no idea.7. I got my running in each day and I've not been my usual self that just keeps going until I get a whole number Ive been stopping at random. 2.7, 3.8, 3.6. Oh well every minute I'm running counts.

The last workout was Sunday. My last day of work for the week. 7 10 hour shifts gets long and often by the weekend I'm lucky if I'm able to run. I woke up Sunday and it was beautiful!!! The first real nice day of spring in WI. I was so happy and my daffodils opened.

What better way to celebrate than with a run with my family. We packed E in the BOB and headed out. I was feeling good and told my husband I'd like to go a little longer than 3. I made it 3.6. I was happy especially cuz my back is starting to be a little sore as I get bigger.  I'm continuing to run the second week of Train Like a Mother 5k plan which is run 4 min walk 2.  Occasionally I run longer, but it seems to be the easiest on my body, and something that will give me the most likelihood of running throughout this pregnancy.

Our times weren't bad either considering we stopped a few times to pick things up from the road that E didn't want in the stroller with him anymore. Stinker.  Also ran in a t-shirt for the first time outside this year!  LOVE IT!!

I then went to work and the day passed quickly. Today was my first day off and it was a rest day from running. Not from the many other things on my to do list. Laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, sweep/mop floors, and cook. We also planted trees pulled weeds and played outside all day. I love being home.

Tomorrow is a run day. I'm so excited to wake up and go. I love that feeling. Running is happiness.



Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week 8 started strong! and 18 weeks pregnant

Week 8 of the V5K Another Mother Runner training.  I started the week yesterday with a longer run.  I always do that for some reason.  Training plans always call for long runs to be at the end, but I somehow manage to put them right in the first couple of days.  Yesterday was such a nice day, sunny, finally warm.  I actually overdressed a little, nothing like strippin and runnin!

I ran 3.8 miles alternating 4-6 minute run segments with 2 minute walk breaks.  It was wonderful!  I felt strong I felt free.  Halfway through my run I had a garmin malfunction and lost signal.  I was so sad since I felt like my pregnant butt was being a little speedy, and was curious to see my times.  Oh well.  I restarted and ran the same route home so hopefully it was close to distance.  I'll never know how quick I was though :(

I also continue to be obsessed with these Procompression socks.  They are wonderful!  I ran the 3.8 miles in them and then worked a 10 hour shift where I was on the my feet the whole time.  I felt great during the run.  I should've worn them to work.  Aren't they a great color?

Almost halfway through this pregnancy!!!  I am 18 weeks and the last few weeks baby has rly started to flip and flop around in there.  I forgot how much I enjoyed that the first time around.  It is one of the coolest feelings ever!  Little fish lol.  I'm really starting to show, and it will soon be time to size up in my scrubs at work, but I like to squish in them as long as I can.  Who wants to look like a tent?  Not this lady.

Well off to work.  Today is a rest from running day.  Between the run yesterday and running at work all day complete with missing lunch this pregnant lady needs a little more time off her feet.  My husband came home and I encouraged him to go for a run.  He's running with my son now.  :)  HB has to get his fitness in to.  He also brought me Starbucks grande skinny vanilla latte (my fav) so he won extra points this morning.
Hope you all have a great day!!  Are you running today?  Is it a rest day?  I'd love to hear?
Total Miles for Boston: 16

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Socks and Rest Days

I have recently started running in procompression marathon socks, and I LOVE THEM!  My pregnant legs have been starting to cramp a lot lately, and just feel dead after running and being on my feet at work all day.  I have read on a few other blogs and twitter that these are miracle workers for this exact issue.  For me they were right.  I wore these during a 3 mile run, which is about as long as I go these days.  My legs felt great during and after.  I have also worn them after runs for recovery.  I like them better while running versus after but either way they are great.

I have them in pink also.  Can't wait to start doing longer runs again once I pop out this baby so I can enjoy them then as well. 
Saturday was 3 miles pushing the jogger.  I was so happy to get outside, and with my fav runnin buddy to.  My 15 month old is the prime running partner although his most recent trick is to take off his hat and throw it out the side of the BOB.  I'm practicing my pick up maneuvers. 
Today was a 20 minute walk with my dog.  It was a rest day, but I just wanted to be outside even though the wind is insane. 
Happy running!! 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

26.2 and Week 7 of TLAM V5K Training

Monday's Boston marathon affected me in so many ways.  First it filled me with passion and excitement for my sport.  It made me determined to run and train hard to someday BQ.  It also filled me with pride and amazement.  I watched those runners cross the finish line with beautiful form and that look everyone gets when they accomplish something so amazing.

Then it filled with me horror, fear, dread, and sadness.  The news was on all day yesterday as they hunted down and apprehended one of the suspects as the other ended his life.  I am still sad, but I am also filled with hope.  Hope for answers hope for closure for all those people effected.  I was also filled with hope and pride when every day this week there have been ways that runners have shown support for Boston.  Whether it be wearing blue and gold or race shirts, dedicating runs and races to Boston, raising funds for Boston.  It all is inspiring.

I have worn my blue.  I have donated funds and never felt better about it.  I also have been working towards 26.2 miles in dedication to Boston.  Being pregnant I am not able to bust those miles out in one day or even a week, but this month I will run 26.2 miles and every one is dedicated to Boston.  I always feel good after a run, but knowing what these miles represent make me feel so strong and happy that I am able to do even something small for those affected. 

If you are looking for ways to support Boston and those effected two of the ways I did are: anothermotherrunner.com has a tshirt that proceeds go to The One Fund, and ericasaradesigns.com has 2 beautiful necklaces that 100% of proceeds go to Boston. 

I have put in 9.2 miles so far this week, and will be hopefully be putting in another 3 today when my sweet baby gets up from his nap. 

This also falls in line with week 7 of my 5K training plan for Train like a mother.  These days at almost 18 weeks pregnant I am still holding onto 3-4 days of running a week, but they all contain more walking than they have in the past.  I am usually sticking to a 4 min run 2 min walk plan with occasional lengthening of the run parts by a minute or two.  Most of my runs have been pain free although I am starting to have that lower abd my bladder might fall out pressure feeling/I might pee my pants feeling that I had last time.  I bought a belly band on amazon.com and am hoping that relieves some of it.

I am pretty excited that I have made it this far with the plan and although my runs aren't progressing to longer running and less walking intervals I feel comfortable with the knowledge that I'd be having no problem with it if I wasn't pregnant.  I also know that I am lucky to still be able to keep this up. 

So for the next few weeks as I cruise towards that 26.2 mile run goal I will be running with Boston in my heart and my mind.   

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Persistance and Hope

"If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon." -Katherine Switzer-

We as a running community have all heard, seen, experienced first hand the events of Boston yesterday.  Are there words to describe what I feel truly?  Probably not, but I want to try because those people need to be honored.  The people effected deserve the running community to wrap them up in a giant running hug.

I got up early to watch Boston live on the internet.  I was so excited.  I sat rooted by the computer, even carrying it around with me as I chased my son.  I cried tears of amazement and joy when I saw Shalane and Kara cross that finish.  Then those tears turned to shock a few hours later as I see pictures of the explosion.  I turned the news on and watched with horror as something as innocent and happy as the Boston Marathon became a scene of devastation and terror. 

Emotions of disbelief, fear, unimaginable sadness, anger went through me.  Who would target such a wonderful caring community?  I also am on twitter and follow so many amazing people that were running.  I feared for there safety. 

Today I woke up and hoped it wasn't real.  I turned on the tv and there it was.  The morning paper has it on the front page.  It was everywhere. 

I then read that quote that starts this post.  I read it on twitter, in an email, and on facebook.  We as a running community will persist.  There is hope and good.  I watched videos of the many people that ran towards the smoke instead of away.  Videos of first responders ripping flags and fencing down to get to the victims.  Runners continuing to run straight to the hospital to donate blood.  Everyone checking on people via social media to make sure there ok, some people they've never met, they don't know.  We all care.  We as a running community are strong and persistent.  We who train for hours, run through bad weather, pain, exhaustion, fight for our miles.  We who get up in the early hours then take care of kids or work full time or both all day, but still put in our miles.  We will not give up, we will not stop running.  We will always be there for each other.

I wasn't there.  I can't help first hand, but I am wearing my running shirt.  I ran today for those who couldn't.  When nothing else makes sense, when the world goes crazy what do we runners do?


Today I ran.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thinking Marathons and Goals

And life gets away...That's my feeling on work week.  Suddenly its Sunday and Ive been working so much that I thought holy shit I've not blogged since Wednesday.  Shame on me!

I've made it through another week of Another Mother Runner Virtual 5K Training!!! 

Let me post about the thoughts I wanted to share with you all this week..

I love this shirt: I put this on when my motivation is down.  Thanks @mileposts

Wednesday I was on the treadmill rockin' out my Week 6 Day 3 of AMR 5K training plan and I looked up and hanging on the wall is my medal and pics from Chicago Marathon 2004.  I can't believe it has been that long since I have ran a full!  9 years wow!  I know why it took that long, but it made me thirsty for that competition again.  I was a full time nursing student along with working full time.  I went from sun up to sun down with studying, school, and work.  Then I got married and pregnant.  I ran the entire time, but I didn't have time for 20 milers.  Any running is better than no running.  Babies slow down the marathon training to.

Half marathons were plentiful throughout that time.  I usually did 1-2 a year.  They are my favorite distance.  Long enough to be a true accomplishment, but not long enough where you have to slide down stairs on your butt for a week. which is definitely what I did after Chicago.   

As I was running marathon planning started full force in my mind.  I'd love to make it to Boston.  That is on my Bucket list.  Before that though I need to grow this baby and get myself back into prime running shape.  This will require patience something that Ive never had an abundance of.

I started making goals while I ran that training run and have been thinking about them often. 

1. Run the Mother's Day V5k/real 5K this May 12th- 21 weeks pregnant
2. Run the Electric Run in August.  I've signed up so no backing out unless my baby shows up a month early.  I think that's a good excuse.
3.  Run my first 5K post baby the 1st week of December: The Santa Hustle
4.  Run my first half marathon May 2014, Lake Geneva Half.
5.  Choose at least one other half marathon over the summer
6.  Run the Milwaukee marathon October 2014. One year after baby.

I am not one of those people that can just bounce back into running high mileage.  It took me until 9 months post partum with E to really feel like myself running.  I ran my first 10 miler 5 months post partum and that was really hard, but doable.

I love goals!  They give me something to hold onto while I am slowing down and my new focus is living healthy, remaining active, and growing this baby.

What are your goals for this year?  I'd love to hear them.

How soon did you bounce back post partum?

Happy running!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Yesterday was Day 1 of week 6 of the Another Mother Runner Finish It 5K plan.  The plan was to run 3 segments of 10 minutes a piece with a warm up and cool down. 

I've been struggling lately with exhaustion and just plain not feeling well.  Yesterday was the first day I was able to do exactly what the plan called for!!  I was and am pumped!  I ran slower than I usually do but I don't care.  It just felt good to be running.  I ran/walked 3.75 miles.  The longest Ive ran in a while to. 

Maybe the 2nd trimester feeling a little better and energy is kicking in???!!

Runs like those make me feel like I can keep this up throughout the whole pregnancy.  They make me feel strong and capable.  I start to remember that all things are possible.  I will be able to run through this pregnancy.  I will stay active.  I will be able to handle 2 kids with the help of my family and husband of course.  I can do this. 

Today is a rest day for me.  It is supposed to be cross training, but I'm listening to my body.  In order to keep up with running I need to take more rest days.  I'm cool with that.  Time to play with my baby before work.  :)  Mommy wins.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


16 weeks!!
Today is the end of week 5 of the AMRv5K training plan.  I have struggled the last 2 weeks as I have gotten further along in my pregnancy to maintain my running.  As all mom's know its hard to juggle mommyhood and being a full time employee much less adding running/working out in there.  I've been exhausted to the point where I've had to call in reinforcements to give me 15 minutes so I can nap.  Being pregnant is no joke. 
I get frustrated with my inability at times to be able to do all the things I could do when not pregnant.  I get frustrated as I slow down.  I don't want to slow down.  I don't want to have to walk. 
When I get down I turn to my motivators.  My family, my son, motivating magazines, and the other mommy bloggers out there who struggle with the same things. 

 Somehow we all make it work.  We all manage to be supermom.  Even if that means some nights we are eating left overs, or maybe todays run will contain a few walk breaks.  That's ok.  I am working on being ok with that.  I read these magazines.  I play with my son, and I realize that being pregnant, slowing down, and growing a child is pretty amazing.  I look at my baby and realize I grew him, and that was worth all the sickness, and the slowing down, and the discomfort.  Now he's my favorite running buddy, and soon I'll have 2 little runners.  How lucky am I?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Finally an Almost Spring Day!

I got up this morning with a whole plan.  Today was the first day in good 'ol WI that was supposed to be almost 60 degrees and spring like.  I had the whole day planned out.  Morning family run which has not happened enough since my little man arrived.  Then a nap for my baby, some cleaning for me, and an afternoon trip to the zoo where we would then return and grill out.  Perfect day.

This did not happen.  I woke up walked outside to see how it was and it was sooooo windy I almost blew off the sidewalk.  Not to mention the wind was bitter cold.  WHAT THE HELL??!?!?  Us WI people need some nice weather!  This winter has been hangin' around way to long.

I admit to being cranky about this.  A little put out.  I thought ok lets make the best of it.  So little man and dear husband and I went outside attempting to find a side of the house that was slightly less windy.  My son promptly fell in the garage and got a bloody nose.  Parenting fail.  He is just learning to walk and is pretty unsteady at times and I was right next to him, but not quick enough.  I still feel bad.

I laid him down for his nap after cleaning and cuddling him for a while.  I sat at the table and cursed the weather.  An hour later I walked outside and it was slightly less windy and much warmer.  I thought ya know what lets try this again. 

Family run!!
Despite the attempting to get out of the jogger he had a blast and it was nice to get out with our dog as a family.  We stopped at the farm, and little man got the enjoy a tractor ride. 
Now we are going to grill out.  Things didn't turn out so bad after all.  I just needed to pull it together and make whatever situation arises work for my little family.  I'm so lucky that I realized it before wasting a whole day. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Holy pregnancy batman!

Has anyone out there ever reached a point in there pregnancy where it felt like running became the hardest thing ever??!!  I reached it this last week.

Now I will preface it by explaining my work schedule a little.  I work 7 days in a row, Monday to sunday.  I work 1230pm to 11pm each one of those days.  Now my job is in a surgical ICU level 1 trauma center so there is not sitting there is not putting my feet up.  I have hit 15 weeks pregnant and I am feeling it!!  Im exhausted!!  I have been following the AMR 5K finish it plan and I hit the biggest road block Saturday.  I couldn't have run if I wanted to.  I was so tired, my body was beaten down.  I was having heart palpitations, cramping in my abdomen, and I was short of breath just walking.  I needed a break bad.  Unfortunantly I would have taken a break from work, but since that couldn't happen a break from working out was what happened. 

I came back to running today with a scaled back workout.  There was no way after 7 days of work that I was going to do week 5s workout plan.  So I changed back to running 4 and walking 2 which was still so unbelievably painful and hard.  I did it that's all I could think when I finally got done. 

I'm just going to try and not be frustrated, but I was definitely running and holding back tears, which if any of you have ever tried it it sucks.  I hate that my pregnant body can't handle running, working, running after a 14 month old and all the other duties I have in my life.  I hate that I am not one of those women who can just do it all.  I want to be I aspire to be, but I am not.  I was angry on my run and as I think back on it.  I need to not be.  I am 15 weeks pregnant and I am running.  My baby is healthy, my son is healthy, my family is happy.  I am still running.  I am still working.  I may not be able to run at the level I was before I got pregnant, but Im still out there and Ill continue on as long as I can.