Saturday, June 29, 2013

Best Body Bootcamp week 2 Done!

I made it through week 2!  It's been kind of a crazy week with the whole crazy lady situation and its seriously like a switch has been flipped in my pregnancy.  I've reverted back to 1st trimester when I was beyond exhausted. I'm seriously Rip Van Winkle!! I'm so tired all the time and my sweet baby has kept me busy!

Yesterday I took off organized exercise however I did push my son in the stroller at the zoo for 1.5 hours in the heat and I think that counts towards exercise.  Pushing a stroller is an amazing full body workout! 

Today I ran for the first time on my road with my son in the stroller since the incident.  I brought my mom on the bike just in case so I wasn't completely solo.  I'm not ready for that yet. It was a cardio day for best body Bootcamp.  I'm loving BBB and can't wait til post pregnancy when I can kick it into high gear.
I'm slowing down now that I've reached the third trimester.  It's been a gradual thing and I'm trying to be ok with it.  With the emotions from the other day running through me I've been dying to go for a long hard run, one of those that you drip sweat and your tired and sore and feel wrung out.  I miss that most as I slow down and take things easy on my body.

I'm glad I'm still out there! 

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