Monday, June 10, 2013

Mamavation v5k Recap


I signed up for the Mamavation V5k last week when I was feeling healthy and great and just wanted to add a few more 5ks to my summer.  Mamavation is all about motivation, and getting women to be healthy and have a group to share it all with.  I was excited to participate in this.  Even though I knew I'd be running alone I wasn't alone because all these women would be out at the same time running this 5K. 
As it turned out I got a horrible sinus infection, pushing to hard and doing to much finally caught up with me.  I was miserable all week, but by Saturday I felt well enough to run/walk the 5K.  My husband came home from work and said he'd do it with me.  So we went out for a family run.  My favorite kind.  :)  I was really glad I had them with me because I think I would have walked a lot more if it had just been me.  I still was coughing so much and my nose was making it difficult to really breath.  We picked a course that is largely flat so I wouldn't have to do to many hills.  The first mile was the most painful, I felt wheezy and struggled to breath.  The second mile felt a little better, but I focused on going at a very comfortable slow pace so I didn't have to fight to breath.  The third mile had the only hill in it, a long slow gradual incline.  I walked a good chunk of the uphill.  I pulled it together though and finished strong.
My first time trying out the POLAR HRM.  So far I like it and its an alternative for workouts that I can't use my garmin for. 

I am not fast these days at all, and I don't care.  Every run is a success.  Every time I am able to get out the door and run is another day I make it running in this pregnancy. 
Picture post finish, sweaty and happy in my favorite motivational top.  #IRUNTHISBODY from

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