Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Sweat Pink Ambassador

I was checking my email last night and got one of the awesomest surprises!  I didn't think I'd get it when I applied, but I'm a #sweatpink ambassador!! I'm so honored and excited.  I really want to motivate others and spread how wonderful living a fit life is.  

On that radar Ive been working away at the Best Body Bootcamp week 1.  Ill tell you I was sore! After Mondays weight workout, but it felt great.  Tuesday and today were cardio.  Yesterday I did 40 min on the elliptical which felt great and I needed a day off running.  Today I was back to running and it felt wonderful to be outside even better that my husband and son came with.  I love family runs.  

Not bad time for 3 miles and I felt good the whole way.  June is still the #runreal challenge so today was #runreal with family!  Runreal happy :-)

I then made my way to work for the 3rd of 7 10 hour shifts.  I needed some help so I slipped on the ol leg savers.
Ah procompression you are wonderful.  

Hope you all got great workouts in!! 

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