Friday, June 7, 2013

Run Real Sick

Monday I knew I wasn't feeling quite right , but I thought I could just eat healthy and take it easy and I'd be fine.  Unfortunantly taking it easy doesn't mean working 10 hour shifts every day, chasing my toddler, and getting little sleep.  By Wednesday my little cold had turned into a lay me out flat sinus infection.  I can't call in sick and being pregnant I just sucked it up went to work and suffered.

Today is the first day I woke up feeling ok enough to walk with maybe a little run thrown in.  For my 3rd run in the #runreal challenge I did #runreal SLOW! With a whole lotta walk but I got out there and I think it helped loosen things up so I could kinda breath.

Me and my partner.

We also #ranfree no watch no garmin we just went out to do what we could do.  I'm glad I got outside.  There's something about fresh air especially when your sick.  

When I got in a steamed myself and now it's off to work for day 5 of 7 of my 10 hour shifts.  Crossed fingers my physical activity helps me get through this shift!

I also threw on my activeaccessories bands as Erica Sara Designs bracelet for some extra motivation.  These two companies are all about motivating runners with fun beautiful products.
Get after it.  Be fearless, be strong, believe.  My personal mantra/motivation.

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