Saturday, June 15, 2013

Week in Review

I can't believe its been 5 days since I posted.  Every day I have wanted to get on the computer and tell you all the business of my day, but I have been a single mom due to my husbands work schedule and Ive still got this nagging cold that wont let go of my sinuses and lungs so the days have gotten away.  Plenty of workouts and fun things have happened this week :)

Monday I ran 3 miles and felt great even though my lungs weren't cooperating and it was filled with plenty of coughing.  I also pushed the stroller while doing it because my husband has been gone.  Let me tell you the further I get in this pregnancy the harder it is the push that thing and my 30 lb son.

Tuesday was elliptical and weights day.  I need a slightly less strenuous workout while still getting some quality sweat time in.  I am not the hugest fan of the elliptical, but its another form of cardio and with a good book the time passes quickly.  I've been reading Kara Goucher's book and love it.  Theres a great section on pregnant running in there that always gives me motivation.

Wednesday was another run day.  I debated taking a day off, but the weather was so nice and I had a Dr's apt that didn't give me the best news so I needed the emotional outlet.  On the upside my glucose test was perfect, no gestational diabetes for me.  The downside I'm slightly anemic and need to take iron supplements, yuck, talk about GI upset.  I also have an umbilical hernia, which is common, but I'll have to have it surgically repaired someday and I really don't want to do that.
Thurday was rest day, however I spent it planting flowers, riding 4-wheelers with my son at the farm, and chasing kittens.  I love farm life. 
Friday was another run day.  I needed a solid run because Ive still been bummed about the news from my Dr. even though I shouldn't let it get me down. 
26 weeks pregnant!!  Post run.
Last night we had the most delicious dinner, chicken, veggie, and beef cabobs and corn on the cob with grapes for desert.  YUM!!  I love all foods that can be cooked on the grill.  They just have a better taste.

Today was supposed to be spent running the Lighthouse Run in Racine.  I have done this race for about 7 years.  They have a 4 mile, 10 mile competitive runs, and a 2-4 mile fun run.  We signed up for the fun run, but it then decided to thunderstorm and be cold out.  Since I am still recovering from this cold, and being pregnant, and we had our 16 month old with us we decided to go out for breakfast instead.  We stopped at this cute place called Roberts Roost in downtown Racine.  The clientele definitely stared at us like crazy people when we walked in with our running gear, but the food was delicious and the service was fantastic.My husband and sweet baby.  Afterwards we went to the local sporting goods store because who can turn that opportunity down and I came home with a new pair of kicks.  I have been wanting to try the brooks pure flows for a long time and they are supposed to be one of the better shoes for my foot type.  So I'm giving it a whirl.
They felt like air when I waddled around the track in the store.  I am excited to try them out.  Now if it stops raining anytime soon I may be heading out for a jog.  I have to make up for missing my race this morning!!
Final piece of news.  I decided after a conversation with Michelle from that Best Body Bootcamp is something I really wanted to try.  I signed up today and it starts on Monday.  8 weeks of workouts which will get me to almost the end of my pregnancy.  I am super pumped to start this workout.  


  1. Awesome running! Have you tried out your new Brooks yet? Would love to know how they feel.

    Sara from

  2. I wear the Pure Flows and I love them! I hope you do too! I'm also doing BBB. Can't wait!

  3. Hi thanks for your comments. I replied to both on my phone but apparently it doesn't like to actually post them. :) I tried running in the pure flows there not the shoe for me I could tell right away. Makes me a little sad, but what can ya do. I will stick with my saucony Guides. I am doing BBB, but I think at least for now I am sticking with the beginners option since I didn't do a round before pregnancy. I want to be challenged but smart ya know.