Thursday, June 27, 2013

Safe Running

I live on a great road, my husband proposed on this road in the middle of a run, we also had our first date a 3 mile run on this road.  I love it I always have.

Tuesday my son and I were out for a stroller run/walk.  It was hot and I only planned on 2 miles.  We were about at the turnaround point when a car came speeding by barely moving over.  If I would've stuck my elbow out, or God forbid tripped Id have been done for.  I was pissed so I yelled "Move over!" And flipped the car off.  Well she apparently didn't like that because she stopped in the middle of the road backed up and preceded to threaten myself and my child that if she ever saw us on this road again we'd regret it that we had no right to be on the road.  It went on and on.  My son started crying I was shaking and I told her I grew up here this is my road and I have just as much right to be on it as you do.  She kept screaming you have no right and threatening to run us down if she saw us again. Then peeled out tires screeching.  I know almost all the people on this road so I promptly pulled into a friends driveway and lost my shit.  They came runnin out of the house, and I told them the story.  I had been smart enough to get the license make and model so we called te police and then my dad who promptly came over.  

It was by far the most terrifying thing that has happened to me while out running.  Who in there right mind threatens a pregnant women with her baby in a stroller? Was a right to flip her off?  No but I admit it was a knee jerk reaction to almost being run over.  

The scariest part is she lives a road over and maybe she was just having a bad day but now I'm scared to run on my own road.  

Yesterday I went for a 1.4 mi run to prove I could, and today I ran 2.2 but took a different route.  I had my child with me today and wasn't ready to bite that bullet.  I won't let her beat me, but it was a reality check for sure.  I came home and bought a road ID and will practice much more defensive running from now on.

Dorothy beal of has a few great posts on running safe and if your  interested check them out.  

Have you ever had a scary situation while running?

Do you have any suggestions for safer running? Besides not flipping someone off that I will never do again.


  1. You poor thing! That is so scary! I totally would've reacted the same way as well. Don't let her get to you. :)

    1. Thanks for the comment! I'm trying not to let her it's hard though. It'd be one thing if it was just me its quite another when my kids are involved.