Saturday, April 20, 2013

26.2 and Week 7 of TLAM V5K Training

Monday's Boston marathon affected me in so many ways.  First it filled me with passion and excitement for my sport.  It made me determined to run and train hard to someday BQ.  It also filled me with pride and amazement.  I watched those runners cross the finish line with beautiful form and that look everyone gets when they accomplish something so amazing.

Then it filled with me horror, fear, dread, and sadness.  The news was on all day yesterday as they hunted down and apprehended one of the suspects as the other ended his life.  I am still sad, but I am also filled with hope.  Hope for answers hope for closure for all those people effected.  I was also filled with hope and pride when every day this week there have been ways that runners have shown support for Boston.  Whether it be wearing blue and gold or race shirts, dedicating runs and races to Boston, raising funds for Boston.  It all is inspiring.

I have worn my blue.  I have donated funds and never felt better about it.  I also have been working towards 26.2 miles in dedication to Boston.  Being pregnant I am not able to bust those miles out in one day or even a week, but this month I will run 26.2 miles and every one is dedicated to Boston.  I always feel good after a run, but knowing what these miles represent make me feel so strong and happy that I am able to do even something small for those affected. 

If you are looking for ways to support Boston and those effected two of the ways I did are: has a tshirt that proceeds go to The One Fund, and has 2 beautiful necklaces that 100% of proceeds go to Boston. 

I have put in 9.2 miles so far this week, and will be hopefully be putting in another 3 today when my sweet baby gets up from his nap. 

This also falls in line with week 7 of my 5K training plan for Train like a mother.  These days at almost 18 weeks pregnant I am still holding onto 3-4 days of running a week, but they all contain more walking than they have in the past.  I am usually sticking to a 4 min run 2 min walk plan with occasional lengthening of the run parts by a minute or two.  Most of my runs have been pain free although I am starting to have that lower abd my bladder might fall out pressure feeling/I might pee my pants feeling that I had last time.  I bought a belly band on and am hoping that relieves some of it.

I am pretty excited that I have made it this far with the plan and although my runs aren't progressing to longer running and less walking intervals I feel comfortable with the knowledge that I'd be having no problem with it if I wasn't pregnant.  I also know that I am lucky to still be able to keep this up. 

So for the next few weeks as I cruise towards that 26.2 mile run goal I will be running with Boston in my heart and my mind.   

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