Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A run, a baby, and a spiffy new training journal

My sweet baby is 15 months old today!  I really can't believe how time as flown.  He is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I appreciate every minute I get to spend with him, and enjoy his every first.  As tough as it is to be a mom, it is the best most enjoyable job. 

I also am 19 weeks pregnant, almost halfway!!!  Horaay!  This pregnancy was similar to the first.  4.5 months of vomiting and nausea with severe food aversions, and then it slowly goes away.  Now at 19 weeks I feel pretty darn good.  The exhaustion that turned me into Rip Van Winkle has abated a little to thank God, and I feel more pep in my step as I run and work.

I have to talk about this new journal I just got.  I love it!!  It is the I Believe I Am training journal.  The company was created by several Olympic runners who I really admire.  The journal is full of quotes, directions on the best way to use the journal, and can really help you grow as a runner.  I love it the cover is about as cute as it gets.  Also all recycled materials were used to make it.  I love journals that are inspiring especially when you have hard training runs to get through.  It's important to believe in yourself.  To believe that you can reach your dreams if you work hard enough. 

Family run today was awesome!!  It's almost 80 degrees already so my pregnant self focused on not overheating while enjoying the run.  Hydrate!!  3 miles felt great.  They all were run at about an 11 minute mile I took 4 walk breaks for about a minute a piece.  This helped my breathing and helped me avoid getting to hot. 
19 weeks in my I Run This Body t-shirt from MilePosts
One of my running buddies
Hope you all get your run in today.  How did it go?  How far did you go?

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