Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Persistance and Hope

"If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon." -Katherine Switzer-

We as a running community have all heard, seen, experienced first hand the events of Boston yesterday.  Are there words to describe what I feel truly?  Probably not, but I want to try because those people need to be honored.  The people effected deserve the running community to wrap them up in a giant running hug.

I got up early to watch Boston live on the internet.  I was so excited.  I sat rooted by the computer, even carrying it around with me as I chased my son.  I cried tears of amazement and joy when I saw Shalane and Kara cross that finish.  Then those tears turned to shock a few hours later as I see pictures of the explosion.  I turned the news on and watched with horror as something as innocent and happy as the Boston Marathon became a scene of devastation and terror. 

Emotions of disbelief, fear, unimaginable sadness, anger went through me.  Who would target such a wonderful caring community?  I also am on twitter and follow so many amazing people that were running.  I feared for there safety. 

Today I woke up and hoped it wasn't real.  I turned on the tv and there it was.  The morning paper has it on the front page.  It was everywhere. 

I then read that quote that starts this post.  I read it on twitter, in an email, and on facebook.  We as a running community will persist.  There is hope and good.  I watched videos of the many people that ran towards the smoke instead of away.  Videos of first responders ripping flags and fencing down to get to the victims.  Runners continuing to run straight to the hospital to donate blood.  Everyone checking on people via social media to make sure there ok, some people they've never met, they don't know.  We all care.  We as a running community are strong and persistent.  We who train for hours, run through bad weather, pain, exhaustion, fight for our miles.  We who get up in the early hours then take care of kids or work full time or both all day, but still put in our miles.  We will not give up, we will not stop running.  We will always be there for each other.

I wasn't there.  I can't help first hand, but I am wearing my running shirt.  I ran today for those who couldn't.  When nothing else makes sense, when the world goes crazy what do we runners do?


Today I ran.

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