Monday, April 1, 2013

Holy pregnancy batman!

Has anyone out there ever reached a point in there pregnancy where it felt like running became the hardest thing ever??!!  I reached it this last week.

Now I will preface it by explaining my work schedule a little.  I work 7 days in a row, Monday to sunday.  I work 1230pm to 11pm each one of those days.  Now my job is in a surgical ICU level 1 trauma center so there is not sitting there is not putting my feet up.  I have hit 15 weeks pregnant and I am feeling it!!  Im exhausted!!  I have been following the AMR 5K finish it plan and I hit the biggest road block Saturday.  I couldn't have run if I wanted to.  I was so tired, my body was beaten down.  I was having heart palpitations, cramping in my abdomen, and I was short of breath just walking.  I needed a break bad.  Unfortunantly I would have taken a break from work, but since that couldn't happen a break from working out was what happened. 

I came back to running today with a scaled back workout.  There was no way after 7 days of work that I was going to do week 5s workout plan.  So I changed back to running 4 and walking 2 which was still so unbelievably painful and hard.  I did it that's all I could think when I finally got done. 

I'm just going to try and not be frustrated, but I was definitely running and holding back tears, which if any of you have ever tried it it sucks.  I hate that my pregnant body can't handle running, working, running after a 14 month old and all the other duties I have in my life.  I hate that I am not one of those women who can just do it all.  I want to be I aspire to be, but I am not.  I was angry on my run and as I think back on it.  I need to not be.  I am 15 weeks pregnant and I am running.  My baby is healthy, my son is healthy, my family is happy.  I am still running.  I am still working.  I may not be able to run at the level I was before I got pregnant, but Im still out there and Ill continue on as long as I can.

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