Sunday, April 21, 2013

Socks and Rest Days

I have recently started running in procompression marathon socks, and I LOVE THEM!  My pregnant legs have been starting to cramp a lot lately, and just feel dead after running and being on my feet at work all day.  I have read on a few other blogs and twitter that these are miracle workers for this exact issue.  For me they were right.  I wore these during a 3 mile run, which is about as long as I go these days.  My legs felt great during and after.  I have also worn them after runs for recovery.  I like them better while running versus after but either way they are great.

I have them in pink also.  Can't wait to start doing longer runs again once I pop out this baby so I can enjoy them then as well. 
Saturday was 3 miles pushing the jogger.  I was so happy to get outside, and with my fav runnin buddy to.  My 15 month old is the prime running partner although his most recent trick is to take off his hat and throw it out the side of the BOB.  I'm practicing my pick up maneuvers. 
Today was a 20 minute walk with my dog.  It was a rest day, but I just wanted to be outside even though the wind is insane. 
Happy running!! 

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