Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week 8 started strong! and 18 weeks pregnant

Week 8 of the V5K Another Mother Runner training.  I started the week yesterday with a longer run.  I always do that for some reason.  Training plans always call for long runs to be at the end, but I somehow manage to put them right in the first couple of days.  Yesterday was such a nice day, sunny, finally warm.  I actually overdressed a little, nothing like strippin and runnin!

I ran 3.8 miles alternating 4-6 minute run segments with 2 minute walk breaks.  It was wonderful!  I felt strong I felt free.  Halfway through my run I had a garmin malfunction and lost signal.  I was so sad since I felt like my pregnant butt was being a little speedy, and was curious to see my times.  Oh well.  I restarted and ran the same route home so hopefully it was close to distance.  I'll never know how quick I was though :(

I also continue to be obsessed with these Procompression socks.  They are wonderful!  I ran the 3.8 miles in them and then worked a 10 hour shift where I was on the my feet the whole time.  I felt great during the run.  I should've worn them to work.  Aren't they a great color?

Almost halfway through this pregnancy!!!  I am 18 weeks and the last few weeks baby has rly started to flip and flop around in there.  I forgot how much I enjoyed that the first time around.  It is one of the coolest feelings ever!  Little fish lol.  I'm really starting to show, and it will soon be time to size up in my scrubs at work, but I like to squish in them as long as I can.  Who wants to look like a tent?  Not this lady.

Well off to work.  Today is a rest from running day.  Between the run yesterday and running at work all day complete with missing lunch this pregnant lady needs a little more time off her feet.  My husband came home and I encouraged him to go for a run.  He's running with my son now.  :)  HB has to get his fitness in to.  He also brought me Starbucks grande skinny vanilla latte (my fav) so he won extra points this morning.
Hope you all have a great day!!  Are you running today?  Is it a rest day?  I'd love to hear?
Total Miles for Boston: 16

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