Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Life gets away

I have good intentions every day to blog and then I start my daily routine and suddenly the time I thought I had for it has slipped away. Time is sly like that. Just like every year goes quicker as I get older. Sneaky time. :-)

I've gotten some great workouts in since I last posted and I'm up to 25.6 miles for Boston. Only 0.6 mi to go until I reach 26.2. How did I get to such a random number you might ask? I have no idea.7. I got my running in each day and I've not been my usual self that just keeps going until I get a whole number Ive been stopping at random. 2.7, 3.8, 3.6. Oh well every minute I'm running counts.

The last workout was Sunday. My last day of work for the week. 7 10 hour shifts gets long and often by the weekend I'm lucky if I'm able to run. I woke up Sunday and it was beautiful!!! The first real nice day of spring in WI. I was so happy and my daffodils opened.

What better way to celebrate than with a run with my family. We packed E in the BOB and headed out. I was feeling good and told my husband I'd like to go a little longer than 3. I made it 3.6. I was happy especially cuz my back is starting to be a little sore as I get bigger.  I'm continuing to run the second week of Train Like a Mother 5k plan which is run 4 min walk 2.  Occasionally I run longer, but it seems to be the easiest on my body, and something that will give me the most likelihood of running throughout this pregnancy.

Our times weren't bad either considering we stopped a few times to pick things up from the road that E didn't want in the stroller with him anymore. Stinker.  Also ran in a t-shirt for the first time outside this year!  LOVE IT!!

I then went to work and the day passed quickly. Today was my first day off and it was a rest day from running. Not from the many other things on my to do list. Laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, sweep/mop floors, and cook. We also planted trees pulled weeds and played outside all day. I love being home.

Tomorrow is a run day. I'm so excited to wake up and go. I love that feeling. Running is happiness.



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