Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Yesterday was Day 1 of week 6 of the Another Mother Runner Finish It 5K plan.  The plan was to run 3 segments of 10 minutes a piece with a warm up and cool down. 

I've been struggling lately with exhaustion and just plain not feeling well.  Yesterday was the first day I was able to do exactly what the plan called for!!  I was and am pumped!  I ran slower than I usually do but I don't care.  It just felt good to be running.  I ran/walked 3.75 miles.  The longest Ive ran in a while to. 

Maybe the 2nd trimester feeling a little better and energy is kicking in???!!

Runs like those make me feel like I can keep this up throughout the whole pregnancy.  They make me feel strong and capable.  I start to remember that all things are possible.  I will be able to run through this pregnancy.  I will stay active.  I will be able to handle 2 kids with the help of my family and husband of course.  I can do this. 

Today is a rest day for me.  It is supposed to be cross training, but I'm listening to my body.  In order to keep up with running I need to take more rest days.  I'm cool with that.  Time to play with my baby before work.  :)  Mommy wins.

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