Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thinking Marathons and Goals

And life gets away...That's my feeling on work week.  Suddenly its Sunday and Ive been working so much that I thought holy shit I've not blogged since Wednesday.  Shame on me!

I've made it through another week of Another Mother Runner Virtual 5K Training!!! 

Let me post about the thoughts I wanted to share with you all this week..

I love this shirt: I put this on when my motivation is down.  Thanks @mileposts

Wednesday I was on the treadmill rockin' out my Week 6 Day 3 of AMR 5K training plan and I looked up and hanging on the wall is my medal and pics from Chicago Marathon 2004.  I can't believe it has been that long since I have ran a full!  9 years wow!  I know why it took that long, but it made me thirsty for that competition again.  I was a full time nursing student along with working full time.  I went from sun up to sun down with studying, school, and work.  Then I got married and pregnant.  I ran the entire time, but I didn't have time for 20 milers.  Any running is better than no running.  Babies slow down the marathon training to.

Half marathons were plentiful throughout that time.  I usually did 1-2 a year.  They are my favorite distance.  Long enough to be a true accomplishment, but not long enough where you have to slide down stairs on your butt for a week. which is definitely what I did after Chicago.   

As I was running marathon planning started full force in my mind.  I'd love to make it to Boston.  That is on my Bucket list.  Before that though I need to grow this baby and get myself back into prime running shape.  This will require patience something that Ive never had an abundance of.

I started making goals while I ran that training run and have been thinking about them often. 

1. Run the Mother's Day V5k/real 5K this May 12th- 21 weeks pregnant
2. Run the Electric Run in August.  I've signed up so no backing out unless my baby shows up a month early.  I think that's a good excuse.
3.  Run my first 5K post baby the 1st week of December: The Santa Hustle
4.  Run my first half marathon May 2014, Lake Geneva Half.
5.  Choose at least one other half marathon over the summer
6.  Run the Milwaukee marathon October 2014. One year after baby.

I am not one of those people that can just bounce back into running high mileage.  It took me until 9 months post partum with E to really feel like myself running.  I ran my first 10 miler 5 months post partum and that was really hard, but doable.

I love goals!  They give me something to hold onto while I am slowing down and my new focus is living healthy, remaining active, and growing this baby.

What are your goals for this year?  I'd love to hear them.

How soon did you bounce back post partum?

Happy running!!

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