Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Joggermom Marathon! Sign up!

The Virtual Joggermom's not just a 26.2 mile race, it is an adventure!
"How fun will this be to run and compete with other Moms all over the US virtually?!? We will be signing up Moms from February 15th thru May 15th to participate in our Virtual Joggermom Marathon. On May 1st the race begins. Participating Moms can start recording mileage until they complete a total of 26.2 miles by May 31st. " website
This is straight from there website it looks so fun and exciting!  Go to for event details and sign up!!  It is cheap and a way to keep on running especially if your like me and pregnant and motivation is hard to come by some days!  All you have to do is put in 26.2 miles run/walk in the month of May.  That's only a little over 6 miles a week.  So doable.  Can you tell I am pumped??
I started putting my miles in today already.  It is the second warm day in a row here in WI.  In the 70's when I headed out the door.  I need to start carrying water!!  Hydrating is tough and I usually only bring or stash water when I am running over 6 miles in the heat.  Being pregnant makes thing a little different. 
This is also my week 9 of Train Like a Mother V5k so my race is on Mother's Day.  I was worried I would fall of the training wheel if I didn't have something pushing me.  Finding this new race will keep me motivated for sure. 
My miles I put in so far.  Rockin the Kinvara3's.  I was a little quicker today to.  My second mile was a 9:35. 
My confirmation ticket!!  There is also a start up packet to keep track of your miles, and take pics so you can prove that you put the miles in.  There are fun prizes! 
On the run today :)

On a completely off track there is a hairy spider crawling on my wall.  I hate spiders.  Yuck.
Run Happy!!

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  1. What a great idea, and I love the picture of your run! Wow, I'm having a little runner envy (jk) but seriously, I am loving those long wide empty streets, they make me want to run forever.