Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday: my hump day

Day 4 of work today! Oy I'm beat, but I'm sticking with my workouts.  I've said before but I'm an ICU nurse and that means my 10+ hour work shifts are not filled with a lot of sitting.  It's made working and working out more of a struggle on work days.  Monday I ran 3 beautiful miles outside.
View from the back of the jogger.  Love my country roads.  That was also the day I tried prenatal yoga.  LOVE

I Unfortunantly paid for this workout at work.  I had a sick pt and by the end of the day I hurt in places I have never hurt in before.

Tuesday I took it easy because I didn't want another repeat of Monday.  1 mi walk with my pup and 15 min prenatal yoga.  Felt great then I went to work and had to do chest compressions.  Spent the rest of the day having mild contractions. NOT COOL!

Wednesday I decided I needed a workout to feel sane after the stressful days at work but didn't want the side effects.  I did half hour on the elliptical and upper body weights.
The night before I managed to get a little more sleep also.  I felt good and made it thru work.

Now do you ever feel like you need a run so BAD!?! I did today.  I took a page from Train Like a Mother and did 4min run x 2 min walk repeat x 5 with warm up and cool down.
I'm hoping work goes well today.  It's hard finding a balance between my mental happiness that exercise fulfills for me and the demands of my job.  Especially as I go thru this pregnancy.  I'm 22 weeks and the bigger I get the harder doing everything becomes.  I know I need to workout in some form to feel good about myself, to feel healthy, and lets face it to let me eat a donut with sprinkles from time to time.  The really hard part is finding the balance between work, motherhood, wifery, exercising and  pregnancy. If anyone has figured it out please let me know.
4 more day of work.  I can do it. 

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