Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother Runner 5k recap

First things first look what my dear sweet husband got me for Mother's Day!!  He does listen and it was wonderful to receive.  I think it made me run faster :)

Proudly showing off my race bib.  I was so nervous for this race.  I was worried that with the little one I am carrying around I wouldn't feel good maybe I would have to walk a ton.  I really wanted to feel good during this race, prove to myself that all this training and working hard throughout this pregnancy so far could in fact come together in a great race.  Well guess what...I felt great and the race was wonderful!!
We arrived 30 minutes early.  I was a little nervous about getting there with enough time to hit up the porta-pot, something that this runner finds necessary before all races.  I didn't know what kind of crowd to expect.  This was a really well organized race.  It wasn't a huge race, but there was definitely an awesome turnout.  Plenty of bathrooms and the course was awesome.  Also the post run food was delicious and healthy! 

I lined up at the start line with all the other mother runners and it felt great just to be among them.  How inspiring.  I looked ahead of me and what did I see...another mother runner race bib.  Wish I had a pic, but it was super cool that someone else did the same training as I did and was running the same race.  Small world.  The even cooler part.  I caught up to here right before the finish and told her we did the same plan and congrats!

The first mile was a little chilly, it was pretty windy, but we headed into the woods and the scenery was beautiful.  At one point we were running across a skinny gangplank type bridge and it was bouncing up and down.  Pretty crazy feeling.  The first mile was my slowest but still in the 9 minute mile range.  I felt great and didn't feel like walking at all.  Mile 2 had one hill in it which wasn't that bad.  Otherwise it was a flat course.  I started to get a little hot and was glad when I saw the water station.  I hit in the 9 min mile range again for mile 2!!  I was pumped!!  I had thought I may walk in mile 3, but I kept thinking I only have a mile left, I am almost done already why bother with walking.  I didn't walk at all!!  and I broke the half hour mark while pregnant.  PREGNANT PR!!!!!
Here is my proud badass mother runner pregnant self holding onto my bibs.  I felt great!!! 
The best part was I had my cheering section.  My sweet baby boy and my husband were there cheering me on.  What a motivation!  I'm so happy by this race.  I proved to myself that I can run races pregnant, I can feel good doing it.  It gives me further motivation to keep running for as long as possible, hopefully until the day I deliver.  It also makes me excited for the races I want to run post pregnancy.
To make my Mothers Day even better the next day I found out I am having a little girl.  :)  I have a son already and was thinking I was having another.  Not so.  Huge girlie bomb was dropped on me.  I hope to be a role model for her.  For both my kids. 
Happy running :)

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