Wednesday, May 29, 2013

23 weeks pregnant and Still Running!

I have been meaning to post since Tuesday and somehow every time I attempt to sit down and do it my sweet munchkin is requiring some attention.  Right now he is hiding behind a chair pooping so I have a few minutes. :) 

Here is the most recent pic sorry for some reason they come out a little grainy when I transfer them from my phone to computer.  I've gained 17 lbs and seem to be getting bigger much faster the 2nd time around than I did with my first.
Yesterday I got in my 1st run of the week.  Sunday I worked a 16 hour shift, I admit it may have been taking on a lot.  As a nurse you really don't sit down much and 23 weeks pregnant that's kind of a lot to take on, but strollers are expensive.  I need a double stroller.  To bad you don't get a baby shower every time you have a kid.  I have next to nothing since I am having a girl this time around.  There goes my $$.

Back to the workout.  I had to revert to the Another Mother Runner 5k training plan week one, which is walk 4 minutes run 2 minutes.  I was and am still hurting from the 6 10 hour work shifts followed by the 16 hour 7th shift.  It felt good I was just happy I could get a workout in.  Had to do it on the treadmill due to lovely torrential rain.  I foam rolled like crazy and used a tennis ball on some of my really sore spots.  Today I am feeling pretty good. 
I had to include this pic.  Last night I searched everywhere for the baby monitor.  I can't bring myself to go to bed without it.  I like being able to hear every little thing.  I was about to give up when I bent down and happened to look in the barn.  Go figure the little sneak had hidden it in there.  :)  I got a good laugh.  He is always hiding things.  My husband found our tv remote after a week of looking inside our large cauldron with the cover on in the cupboard.  LOL
I plan on getting another workout in yet today.  I need to find some more weight routines and low impact workouts for non running days.  Ive also been working on my Running List of To Do's for post baby.  There are so many races I want to do and training plans I want to try.  I am itching to go and miss workouts that are so hard your just done afterwards.  Looking forward to those days again.
Hope you all got a run or workout in!

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