Saturday, May 18, 2013

Joggermom Finale and Post Workouts

Tuesday the 15th I officially finished the Joggermom Marathon!  I was so pumped when I finished that last run.  I brought sweet baby E with me to commemorate since he has been my most constant runnin partner along with Sam my dog.
Here we are rockin the last 1/4 mile together.  My partners in running.  I love that feeling of finishing something that you have put a lot of time and effort into.  It is so satisfying and exhilarating.
 With this and the Mother's Day 5K going so well I am looking for my next challenge.  I am thinking about signing up for another 5K in June or early July.  I really want to stick with running and exercising throughout this pregnancy!!  It makes me so proud each week, each day that I continue.
My Joggermom race bib and me with a BIG smile.  :)
I took a day off post Joggermom and was really feeling the itch to get back out there.  I went for a short walk with E and by Friday I NEEDED a run.  As I was out there I felt so great I decided to tack on another mile to my planned 3 mile run.  It was wonderful and I was pumped that I am still able to run 4 miles.  I didn't push it and took a few walk breaks to make sure baby was comfortable and my pelvic ligaments could get a break.  My one thing I continue to need to work on is stretching and foam rolling.  That foam roller is a beast that brings pain.  I always feel great afterwards but seriously PAINFUL!! 

I finished that run and got the mail to see that my new Women's Running magazine had come.  My favorite mag btw.  I open it up and what do I see.  MYSELF!  Now granted it is one my tweets about my favorite gear, and it is small, but my pic and tweet are in Women's Running.  That is seriously about the coolest thing that has ever happened in my running career.  I never would have guessed I'd be this active in the running community, attempting to become more involved, much less mentioned in one of my all time favorite magazines.  I am PUMPED! 
Today I went for an easy 2 mile run/walk pushing E in the jogger.  I also did the weight lifting portions of The 30 Day Shred with Jillian.  She is painful but effective.  I need to work on adding 2 strength days and a yoga/pilates day into my week.  They are the first things to go when I get pressed for time. 
Hope you all have a great weekend!  Good luck racing and Run happy!

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