Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Joggermom that's what I am

Day 3 of my work week and I'm fighting a little bit of a cold that this sweet baby gave me.  It's not bad enough to give up my joggermom ways but its slowin me down a little.
I love his sweet face :-)

Put in 3.15 mi today for the joggermom marathon.  It was hot but I brought water and sipped it along the way.
I was glad when we were done and back in the shade.  Being preggo I rly don't want to get overheated.
I love For Two Fitness gear.  This tank is super comfy and great for hot runs.  

My first pregnancy I was self conscious when it came to allowing pics of myself.  There are very few pics of me pregnant with E and now I'm kinda sad about it.  I'm glad I realized it though because now I've been better at documenting some bump pics.  I still feel self conscious about my growing width but I'm tryin to embrace it.  It's not like this happens everyday carryin a little critter around.  It's pretty amazing.

My workout today brought me closer to the 26.2 I need in the month of may for the joggermom marathon.  I'm up to 18 miles now.  I know I won't win but finishing is good enough for me.  I'm running happy :-)

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