Saturday, May 11, 2013

Another Mother Runner 5k tomorrow!

The event is finally here!  I've been training for this 5k for 10 weeks using the Train Like a Mother book 5k plan.  I'm ready. I'm excited!

My last workout was 2 mi on Friday.  
I took it slow and felt good.  Today I didn't run because it was packet pickup before work.  I left Sooo early to give myself enough time to pick it up check out the park and get something to eat.  Well I ended up getting lost and driving way longer than anticipated.  I got my packet with barely enough time to get I work.  So I am hoping I have no problem finding the park where the race starts tomorrow.  I'm a little anxious.

Goals: I'd love to say I want to PR or I want to run sub 9 min miles but being 21 weeks pregnant I'm going for a finish.  I'm hoping to not walk at all.  The weather is going to stink cold windy maybe rainy so we will see.  Either way I'm looking forward to accomplishing this!

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