Sunday, May 5, 2013

Run #3 for the Joggermom Marathon

This is the longest run I have done since I have been pregnant!  Let me tell you I am pumped that I was able to do it!  It wasn't fast, it wasn't that pretty with my preggy waddle but I don't care I am just so glad I finished!  I did this run yesterday after a session on the treadmill the day before so I was worried I wouldn't be able to go long.  I DID!!
The first 2 miles were in the 10 minute range with minimal walk breaks.  The temp was perfect pretty cool and I felt really well.  The third mile was in the 11's.  I definitely walked up the 2 hills that were in this mile.  I needed to slow down my breathing and I felt my pelvis starting to ache a little bit.  Mile 4 I knew I want to get to 4 miles, and I knew to dot it I would have to walk a little bit more.  This mile was in the 12 min mile range.  I was so happy when I saw my garmin hit 4 miles I did a little jig in the road.  That was the last of my energy I waddled my sore pelvis home.

I have noticed I feel a lot faster when I run in the Saucony kinvaras.  I don't know if it is because they are so light, or a mental thing, but I am always able to pull a little more speed out when I am wearing these shoes.  I can't wait til I can try out the Kinvara4s. 

My new favorite post run snack is greek yogurt with Kind brand granola and fruit.  There has been a special on blackberries lately so I have been rockin a lot of those.  I LOVE the Kind brand.  There granola bars are healthy and satisfying.  I recently tried the granola and have to say I enjoy it just as much.  This flavor is the bluberry vanilla.  It so far is my favorite. 
I also go back and forth between chobani and oikos greek yogurt.  I don't like the fruit at the bottom as much I like when it is mixed in.  I am weird like that.  The chobani Flips are fantastic though and I have them all the time.  Try them out if you get the chance.  The Key Lime is the best in my opinion.
Have a happy Sunday all!!  I am going to grill out and spend the rest of the day with my dear family before I start another work week.
Hope you all got a run in today!

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